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   The Transcript considers itself to be a community forum for the M.O.T. area. We welcome letters to the editor on any topic of general interest, subject to the following rules:
    (1) If possible, letters should be typewritten and lines should be double-spaced for editing purposes. Hand-written letters should be legibly printed.
    (2) Letters should be kept as brief as possible. While we do not like to trim your letters, we reserve the right to do so if space limitations make it necessary.
    (3) We will not publish letters which are deemed libelous or obscene, or which incite violence or contain ethnically-bigoted material.
    (4) We will not publish unsigned letters or withhold names of writers unless there is a compelling reason. All letters should contain your address and telephone number for verification purposes. However, only your name and town will be published.
    (5) The Transcript does not publish political letters to the editor in the edition that is published the week prior to an election.
    (6) Letters on subjects of local interest will be given priority for publication.