After serving for two years as majority leader in the Delaware House of Representatives, Richard Cathcart (R–9th district) was named minority leader as the house majority shifted to the Democrats in the Nov. 4 general election.

    Last week, Middletown Rep. Dick Cathcart (R-9th district) was named the minority leader by the Delaware House Republicans.
    In the Nov. 4 general election the majority shifted to the Democrats.
    “Whenever your colleagues vote to give you that responsibility, it’s a very humbling gesture,” Cathcart said.
    Cathcart has been a member of the Delaware House of Representatives from 1978 to 1982 and from 1997 to the present. Before the election, he served as the house majority leader. He was chosen for the position in March 2007 when Rep. Wayne A. Smith resigned to take another job.
    He said he felt his time as majority leader was relatively successful, and that the House Republicans remain dedicated to the same issues even though it may be a little more difficult to pass legislation without the majority.
    “We’ll continue to push for open government, fiscal responsibility, improvements to the Delaware Psychiatric Center and affordable health care for everyone,” he said.
    Cathcart also said the economy would be a major issue.
    “[We want to] try to shut the valve off that’s causing Delaware to lose so many jobs,” he said.
    He said, as always, it was overwhelming to win the election.
    “I certainly thank the voters who have that confidence in me and I look forward to serving them well in the next two years,” Cathcart said.
    However, he said the victory was bittersweet.
    “I was glad I won the election,” he said, “but I was upset we lost the majority.”
    In the Nov. 4 general election, Cathcart received 7,214 votes. Democratic challenger Rebecca Walker received 6,203 votes.
    The 9th district encompasses a large part of southern New Castle County east of U.S. 13 and Del. 1, as well as the area north of Middletown. It extends from north of Clayton to north of Delaware City, as well as to some of the area on the west side of Delaware above Back Creek west of U.S. 301 but south of Glasgow.