Comedy singer/songwriters Todd Chappelle and Jerry "Crabmeat" Thompson will be performing at the Gibby on Nov. 28 at 8 p.m.

    After Thanksgiving dinner is over and the Black Friday shopping dwindles to a close, the Gibby Cabaret will offer a night of singing, guitar playing and laughter with performers Todd Chappelle and Jerry “Crabmeat” Thompson.
    “[The audience] should expect a good laugh and a good time with some comedy songs,” Chappelle said.
    Chappelle, 39, said he has played guitar ever since he was in high school, and began performing in bars and restaurants after he graduated from the University of Delaware. He did mostly covers, but began to write his own material and found his comedic songs got the best reaction.
    “[My songs] tend to be about things I find amusing,” he said. “They tend to be all over the map.”
    His most famous is his 2007 song “I’m From Delaware,” but he’s also sung about the Amish and done a parody of country songs, among other subjects.
    Chappelle was originally supposed to perform with the Delaware Comedy Theatre, but Thompson was called up after they cancelled.
    The two have performed at Bellevue Park in June, and Thompson said even though he was only asked on Nov. 18, he’s excited to perform with Chappelle once more.
    “I wanted to do one again,” Thompson said, “so I’m glad we’re getting the chance.”
    Thompson, who is 43, has been performing for years. His songs include humorous covers as well as his own original material, like “She’s Having Bigfoot’s Baby,” “Poodles from Hell” and “One Ton Tomato.”
    “A lot of my songs are fun,” Thompson said. “Some are stupid.”
    “He’s got the same kind of goofy material that I do,” Chappelle said.
    This is the second show presented by the Gilbert W. Perry Jr., Center for the Arts’ new performance group within the art gallery, The Gibby Cabaret.
    Tom Trietley, executive director at The Gibby, said Chappelle was asked to perform at The Gibby two months ago.
    “His mother lives in Springmill, so he’s kind of a local,” Trietley said.
    He said the show is appropriate for adults and teenagers.
    Trietley said the Gibby Cabaret’s last show, “An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe,” which was made up of performances and readings of Poe’s works, was very well received.
    “There’s a large portion of the community who want to see the arts grow here in Middletown,” he said.
    Trietley said the show, which plays on Nov. 28 at 8 p.m., will be 90 minutes long. Light refreshments of holiday cookies, Chex mix and candies will be served.
    General admission is $12. Admission for seniors, students and A.C.T. Inc. members is $10. Buyers receive $2 off with the donation of a non-perishable food item, which will be given to local charities.
    Part of the proceeds will go to restoring The Everett Theatre, the remainder will go to The Gibby’s operating costs.
    For more information, call 449-5396