John D. Hanlin II is running for Townsend Town Council. The election will be Saturday, May 2, from 8 a.m to 6 p.m. at the Town Hall.

    How long have you lived in Townsend? My wife and I with our four daughters have lived in Townsend for six years.
    Where do you live in Townsend? Town-send Station
    Educational Background: Nassau College, Long Island – two years.
    Professional Experience: I have been the senior regional outside sales manager at Harrington Plastics for nine years, providing thermoplastic process piping systems and high purity components to the water, waste water, chemical processing and biopharmaceutical industries.
    Why do you want to be re-elected? I would like to finish working on a few big projects that have started during my last two years. The first is the Townsend Town Park, which we recently have ramped up work on, with Interstate Construction to do all the site work. The second big project is the Main Street Streetscape project in which I was able to acquire a $600,000 grant with the assistance of our town engineer to help pay for this project, and also the storm water management assessment program the mayor and I started recently working on, along with a sewer assessment and negotiations with the county and Middletown, which I have also been involved in.
    What do you see as the most important issue in Townsend? How would you deal with this issue if you were elected? There are two I believe at the moment, the first important issue right now is the fact that the homes we had anticipated being built have not been, thus creating a shortfall in our real estate transfer tax. This is an issue a lot of towns are dealing with. I believe we need to continue to make Townsend a place where people want to move to with their families. Recent events such as the Easter egg hunt show we are a family-oriented community, and the Veterans Recognition Ceremony has shown that we are a military-friendly community for those who want or need to be close to Dover but not in Dover. The second is growth. We need to continue to manage it properly and look at ways of possibly bringing in some more jobs.
    What is one thing you would like to accomplish to help improve the town if elected to council? Again, there are two items. I want to finish the Town Park and at least get the Main Street Streetscape project underway.
    What would you like Townsend to look like when your term concludes in two years? I would like Townsend to continue look like a town on the rise as it has done now for the last few years. I would want Townsend to have a new streetscape showing our pride in our town, and I want it to look like a place where people would want to buy a home and visit our completed park and enjoy its many planned features.