Non-union New Castle employees could see their pay cut by 5 percent in fiscal year 2010.
    County Executive Chris Coons met with the county’s 157 non-union employees on Wednesday, April 22 and told then he’d be asking county council to approve the pay cut, which would take effect July 1.
    These employees are mostly appointed, and fill a broad range of roles across the government.
    “Asking this group of employees to also participate in the salary rollback will achieve $900,000 in savings for the coming fiscal year,” Coons said. “We have now come to terms with more than 900 employees for the salary rollback, and I appreciate their understanding of our financial situation and the need for this measure.”
    The announcement comes less than a week after members of three AFSCME Local Unions, totaling 755 employees, voted to accept 5 percent cuts. A fourth, Local 3911, which represents emergency services workers, did not accept salary cuts, and discussions are ongoing with the Fraternal Order of Police.
    In his March budget address, Coons said the county needs to save $4.8 million in salary costs as part of his strategy to cut spending in the face of shrinking revenues. He said then that the savings could come in the form of layoffs unless unions agreed to salary cuts.
    The salary trimming is part of a proposed $23 million in budget reductions and a 25 percent property tax increase.