Ed Czerwinski is running in the Appoquinimink Board of Education, which will be held Tuesday, May 12.

    How long have you lived in the Appoquinimink School District? 22 years
    Where do you live in the district? Townsend area
    Education: Delcastle Technical High School graduate, University of Delaware course work in
electrical engineering and business administration
    Career: Procurement services for Major Industrial Companies
    Family: Wife Penny and two daughters, Megan and Melanie
    Community involvement/activities: I have more than 12 years volunteer involvement in educational positions. I typically spend 20 plus hours a week working on school board related items and events.
     In Appoquinimink I am president of the Board of Education and serve on the following committees: Financial Advisory, Discipline Code, Parent Business Advisory, Referendum, and Building Utilization. Additionally, I was a founding member of the Education Fair.
    At the state level I have served on the Professional Standards Board, Teacher Recruitment, Retention and Preparation, and several short duration advisory committees.
    Delaware School Boards Association as president, first vice president and on the Board of Directors.
    How many children do you have enrolled in Appoquinimink School District and what schools do they attend? Both of my children are enrolled in Appoquinimink. Megan attends Middletown High School and Melanie attends Meredith Middle School. Both have attended Appoquinimink schools since kindergarten.
    Why do you want to be re-elected to the Appoquinimink Board of Education? I want to continue to be a driving force in establishing Appoquinimink as a district that provides a superior education to our children. My desire to make our district one of the top districts in the nation in the quality of education it provides our children is still very strong.
    I will use my experience to find ways to continue providing superior academic and related arts programs. Additionally, I will work to continue providing the same high level of success in our construction projects, delivering facilities on time and within budget.
    What do you see as the biggest challenge in this position? The current economic situation is the biggest challenge because it impacts so many areas of our district. Board members will be responsible for making critical decisions over the coming months.
    Our most important asset, our staff, is facing potential salary cuts of eight to 10 percent. We must work to minimize the potential impact on morale and teachers leaving for jobs in surrounding states.
     Even with reduced state funds we must continue to provide programs that challenge our students and prepare them for the future. We must remain committed to our long-term goals.
    Additionally the State is not meeting its financial obligation to our district for capital projects. This potentially creates a path back to overcrowding at all grade levels.  
    What are your thoughts on how to handle the area’s growth when it comes to the schools? I believe the State should be funding the full cost of facilities; however, this is not going to occur in the near future. Our responsibility is to work to improve the system that is in place.
    Our District must have more input in the approval process.    
    The formula for sharing of cost by the builders must be more reflective of existing conditions.
    State agencies must understand the implications of approving county and town comprehensive plans and the burden on infrastructure.
    The Board and Superintendent must continue to work with our legislators and county officials to achieve a balanced method of funding schools.
    With projected reductions in state funding, how would you limit the effect on quality education for students in the district? We can’t allow the quality of our students’ education to be affected, regardless of funding levels.
    Quality of instruction is the most important factor impacting academic achievement. We must continue to make sure our staff has the tools and training necessary to provide this.
    Continued evaluation of programs through the effective and appropriate interpretation of data will allow us to focus resources for the best impact and eliminate those that are not achieving the desired results.
    This is not a time to panic, but rather a time to ensure our funds are being used in the most effective manner possible.
    What do you want the district to be like in five years when your term is completed? I want the district to continue to have a progressive mindset with a determination to graduate students who are prepared to compete in the global society.
    It does not matter if it is next year or five years; I want us to continue making decisions based on what is best for our children.
    The world has changed dramatically in the past ten years and the pace of change is increasing. We must accept this as educators, than plan and work to stay as close to the front as possible.
    Finally, I expect Appoquinimink to be recognized as one of the best districts in the country in preparing our children for successful futures.