Middletown High senior cheerleading captain Ashley Comegys answered five questions via e-mail.



Ashley Comegys is a hard-working Middletown High senior cheerleader who gets the football team and crowd fired up each Friday night or Saturday morning or afternoon, depending on when the Cavaliers are playing. She’s a team captain along with Tiffany Notigan and Julie Serencko.


Q: If the Billings Stadium crowd is quiet, what cheer always gets fans fired up?

A: 'Win Tonight' is a cheer that always gets the crowd going! It goes, “When we say blue, you say white; blue, white...” And everyone in the crowd chimes in!

Q: How much strength and conditioning is required to cheer?

A: Cheerleaders are a lot stronger than people take them out to be. Every practice we run perimeters, work abs, legs, and arms! We especially do push-ups because whenever we get a touchdown the team does six!

Q: What opposing school has the best cheerleading squad?

A: That's a tough question because, when we're at games cheering our focus is not on the opposing squads, our focus and our drive is for our football players, our school, and our fans.

Q: What's tougher to perform in ­– the blazing September sun or chilly late-November wind?

A: Our squad has summer practices and we go to an outdoor cheer camp, so the heat we can deal with. But, it is a little tough to be 100 percent cheerful when were all shivering!

Q: What's been your most memorable sideline moment so far?

A: Each and every Friday night game is a memorable moment of it's own. I live for the nervousness of the game and how the crowd, cheerleaders, and football players are so dedicated and involved. There's nothing better than cowbells and Middletown’s blue hearts!


About Ashley …


Name: Ashley Comegys

Age: Senior

Team: Middletown High cheerleading captain

A closer look: “Ashley's best quality as captain is that she encourages people to be 100 percent dedicated to the team. Ashley shows that even though you cheer for an all-star team and have two jobs, it is possible to still put 100 percent effort into your Middletown cheerleading team.

“I am very lucky to have her as a captain because she keeps reminding the girls of this important team quality,” MHS coach Jen Campbell.