Many students and staff at Middletown High School traded in their blue and white Oct. 23 and donned pink instead.

    Many students and staff at Middletown High School traded in their blue and white Oct. 23 and donned pink instead.
    No, the Cavaliers haven’t changed their colors. They were supporting the Middletown Chapter of Jobs for Delaware Graduates’ “Paint the Place Pink” event.
    Students in aQuena Williams’ JDG class organized the school-wide event to raise awareness about breast cancer.
    “As part of the Delaware Career Association, part of the mission is to fulfill commitments to four goals: leadership, social, career and civic,” Williams said. “The students come up with ideas and activities fostered under that umbrella, and they wanted to do something about breast cancer awareness.”
    She said because Delaware has a high population of people diagnosed with breast cancer, it is an important topic that students should have knowledge about.
    Williams said she was happy to see her students so excited about organizing the event and having the support of the school.
    “The school’s morale is high,” she said. “Teacher participation was through the roof.”
    Student Aja Houston, vice president of the event’s executive team, said she wanted to participate because it was something new for the high school and a great cause.
    “We’re donating funds to Relay for Life, so every little bit helps,” she said.
    Students in the JDG class sold a plethora of pink items, including ribbons, pencils, bracelets, strawberry-kiwi Gatorade and pink lemonade. They also handed out stickers and brochures with information about breast cancer.
    Everyone who wore pink that day was also entered into a raffle for a basket of pink products.
    Williams said Super G helped sponsor the event by donating some of the items. 
    Aja said she was happy with how the event came together and was surprised by how many students wore pink.
    “It was hard trying to promote it, but in the end, it turned out to be a great event,” she said.
    Tyler David, a member of the event’s executive team, said this event meant a lot to him because he has had family members who battled and survived breast cancer.
    “I don’t think everyone is aware how many people are actually affected by it,” he said.
    Tyler said he would like “Paint the Place Pink” to become an annual event.
    “It’ll raise even more awareness that way, and then they’ll tell their friends about it too,” he said.