In his latest Just a Thought column, sports editor Craig Anderson takes a quick look around the sporting world in Middletown, Odessa, Townsend and beyond.


A little of this and some of that as no deep thoughts come to mind this week:

GOOD JOB, MR. MIKE: A written round of applause is due to Mike DiGiacomo, the public address announcer for Appoquinimink High football games. He’s on target with his down and distance calls, recognizes players on both sides and is energetic without getting too rah-rah.

Basically, the man behind the AHS microphone makes the game a better experience for everyone in Jaguar Stadium. That’s not as easy as it seems, but Mike DiGiacomo has skills when it comes to making the call.

RECHSTEINER TO UNC: State champion Katie Rechsteiner has committed to swim in college at the University of North Carolina. The Middletown native has competed for years at a national level, and is finishing her high school career at Charter School of Wilmington.

PLEASE STICK AROUND: Here’s hoping that new coaches Jasen Maciey (Middletown boys basketball) and Brian Ogbin (Appoquinimink wrestling) bring stability to positions that have changed leaders almost annually for a few years now.

Same goes for new coach Spencer Dunkley, though his Appoquinimink High boys basketball program is loaded enough in talent to win now. What coach wouldn’t want to stick around as long as Aaron “Ace” Clark, A.J. English III and Ajen English were in his layup line?

UPON FURTHER REVIEW: Contrary to what this author wrote in last week’s Transcript, the correct spelling of the new MHS basketball really is Jasen Maciey. Also, he coached at Tatnall, not Tower Hill.

My bad on both accounts.

NOT SO BAD, REALLY: If the Appoquinimink High football team finishes 5-5 in its first varsity season, then consider it a job well done by the Jaguars juniors and sophomores. How well would any team do if all of its seniors were missing for the season?

Next fall, going .500 won’t draw any praise. The Jags can be so much better if they work hard, continue to grow together and learn from what happened this season. It’s up to the returnees to decide how good they want to be, but it won’t come easy.

SUPER BOWL PICK: So what do think, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Democrats and Republicans? Saints and Patriots in the Super Bowl, perhaps?

By the way, do you ever remember so many bad NFL teams? I don’t have this week’s latest lines, but wouldn’t worry about giving the parlay card points to the Chiefs, Redskins, Raiders, Browns, Buccaneers, Titans, Lions and Rams. By the way, I’m not overly impressed with the Bills and Panthers either.

THE SERIES RESUMES: Here are a couple of basketball games to plan your schedule around: Appoquinimink High hosts Middletown games on Dec. 10 (girls) and Dec. 11 (boys). Both nights start with junior varsity contests, followed by the main events.

We’re still working to confirm a day, time and location for the first MHS-AHS wrestling dual. M-town and Appo will swim against each other later this winter, and you know the club ice hockey match will be a doozy.


Craig Anderson is The Transcript sports editor. To reach him, call 378-9531, ext. 15 or email