Unlimited crabs, beer and ribs are once again on the menu in Middletown. Residents in the Middletown-Odessa-Townsend area are invited to enjoy a night out all while supporting a good cause, when the non-profit organization Practice Without Pressure holds a crab feast at the M.O.T. Jean Birch Senior Center Friday, July 30, from 7 to 11 p.m.

    Nothing brings people together quite like a crab feast, which is exactly what the staff at Practice Without Pressure hopes to do Friday, July 30, when they pull out bushels of Maryland blue crabs, corn on the cob and ribs to raise funds for their non-profit organization.
    Practice Without Pressure, based out of Newark, provides practice and treatment services to people with disabilities who are unable to receive routine medical care without being restrained or sedated.
    Deborah Jastrebski, founder of Practice Without Pressure, said she created the organization to initially help her son Marc, who has Down syndrome, get through routine medical procedures, exams and surgeries.
    She said Marc, like many other individuals, became so frightened and anxious during these procedures that he would have to be restrained.
    “I saw the tremendous difficulty my son had, and I knew I had to find a different way,” she said.
    Since 2002, the staff at Practice Without Pressure has worked with individuals of all ages and abilities, families and caregivers to provide training and practice before procedures to help the individual become comfortable, calm and acclimated.
    Jastrebski said services the organization offers include general dentistry, medical exams, blood draws, women’s health, and hair and nail care.
    “One in five people have a disability in our country,” she said. “From a person’s standpoint, when you’re able to go through a procedure or get your teeth cleaned without fear, it’s a wonderful feeling. We help everyone be on the same page.”
    Jastrebski said the organization held crab feasts to raise funds in the past, thanks to PWP supporter Gary Lasako. After Wisteko passed away, the staff decided it was as good as a time as any to start the popular fundraiser back up, with Middletown as the prime location.
   “It’s a great central location, and the senior center was a place that welcomed up with open arms,” she said. “Plus, Gary was from Middletown.”
    Aside from the food, Jastrebski said ticket holders can expect great entertainment from local band What’s in the Box.
    “They’re a really great blues band,” she said. “We had them play at a blues benefit we held, and people loved them.”
    Jastrebski said she hopes to sell at least 200 tickets for the event, in which funds will go toward the organization’s programs and practice sessions.
    “It’s a really good time and it’s all for a great cause,” she said. “So many people have done a lot of work to get us here, and we would love to make it a really big success year after year.”