It was their first time playing a game together.

A team of 13 girls from the M.O.T. Little League formed by the coaches competed in the Little League All-star series in Dover earlier this month.

Even though they didn’t win, coach Dank Anker is proud of the girls who he said worked hard and played their best in the finest tradition.

The M.O.T. Senior Girls Softball All-star team went 1 – 2 in the double elimination tournament that began July 7.

In a double elimination style tournament, teams are not ranked. They play until they lose two games or until they win.

Female all-star fast-pitch softball teams from all over the state competed.

“The team made it halfway through the event, experiencing both victory and defeat,” Anker said. “They handled the first with grace and the second with dignity.” 

The girls from M.O.T., who were hand picked by coaches in the M.O.T. Little League division for their outstanding abilities, played in three games.

They ranged from 13- to 15-years old.

“They were a younger group, more of them closer to 13,” Anker said. “They played with such heart and sportsmanship.”

Once the all-star team was put together, Anker said that they practiced and scrimmaged together, but the All-Star game was the first time they competed together.

The girls come from different teams and some play for their high schools or a travel team.

The M.O.T. Little League provides baseball, softball and tee ball programs for children ages 4 to 16, along with a Challenger Division for youth with special needs.

More than 1,300 players registered for 109 teams last Spring, who in all, played more than 650 games.

The league was established in 1955.