In its 12th year, the St. Joseph’s Parish Carnival is in full swing with days of entertainment and family fun for the M.O.T. community.

In its 12th year, the St. Joseph’s Parish Carnival is in full swing with days of entertainment and family fun for the M.O.T. community.

What started 20 years ago as a single day event known as “May Fair,” has grown more than “1,000-percent,” into what it is today, said committee chair Dominic Marra.

The annual carnival, which is held on the grounds of the Parish on Del. Route 299, began July 24 and ends Saturday.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been there yet. The carnival is continuing into Saturday.

There is food, games, and live entertainment and Marra has five reasons for you to come out and enjoy Middletown’s only carnival:

The entertainment. Every night there will be free entertainment including performances by Tony Mowen, Runaway Train, Silayan and Dysrhythmics, and on Thursday there will be a DJ to play what you want to hear. Saturday’s band, Dysrhythmics, is a unique one too – it is made up completely of doctors, ranging from surgeons to pediatric physicians. The food. Who doesn’t love good food? There will be home-style cooking in the Parish Hall beginning at 5:30 p.m. each day, and an outdoor food court each night. You’ll never have to have the same thing twice either. Outside, there will be vendors selling anything you could want from burgers to tacos. Inside, there will be home cooked Italian and Polish dishes. The rides. There will be more than 15 carnival rides to chose from. There will be discounts Tuesday and Wednesday night for Family night, where it will cost only $20 to ride as many rides as you want all night, or you can buy a Megapass for $40. Not looking to spend the whole night doing this? You can also pay for rides individually, which range from $1 to $2, depending on the ride. There is something for everyone. Whether you’re a teenager, a senior citizen or have a new born baby, there will be something fun for you to do. It’s a carnival like nothing else in town, Marra said. For little kids there will be games where everyone will get a prize and for everyone else, you are bound to find something fun between the rides, games, food and live entertainment. It benefits the church. While there is free admission and free parking to the carnival, proceeds from the rides and foods will go back into the Parish. Some of the funds will go towards the youth ministry, which holds events that benefit the community and some will go back into the church and towards events.

Marra said that about 1,000 people came through each night last year.

The carnival its self started as a fundraiser 12 years ago to build the Parish’s new church, but it became so popular that it has continued each year he said.

Another important thing though about Middletown’s only carnival?

Marra said, “It’s home grown.”