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  • Reigning Mrs. Delaware America Tara Greathouse is headed to Mrs. America pageant

  • Reigning Mrs. Delaware America Tara Greathouse is the latest pageant contestant from southern New Castle County who’s within arm’s reach of winning a national crown.

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  • Reigning Mrs. Delaware America Tara Greathouse is the latest pageant contestant from southern New Castle County who’s within arm’s reach of winning a national crown.
    Greathouse, of Middletown, will vie against 50 married hopefuls at the Mrs. America 2012 pageant in Tucson, Ariz.., from Thursday, Aug. 23 through Wednesday, Aug. 29.
    Prior to leaving for nationals, Greathouse will host a sendoff party at Buffalo Wild Wings in Middletown on Sunday, Aug. 12, which the public is invited to attend. In addition to meeting Greathouse, guests will have the opportunity to fill their tummies with delicious buffet appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages.
    Guests will also have the chance to play a raffle for prizes. Proceeds will benefit Greathouse’s travel expenses for nationals.
    Q Tara, what’s your platform?
    A My platform is spreading acts of kindness.
    Q Delegates typically select a narrow platform, but it’s unique that yours is a bit vague.
    A When you get out there in our community, you see there are so many needs out there. And if you have the opportunity to touch each of these people, if you can touch various numbers of different people who have various needs, I think you’re putting a lot more out there than honing on one organization. There’s so many needs out there, why should we hone in on one organization?
    Q Within the last year, what are some ways you’ve spread acts of kindness?
    A American Heart Association, I’ve attended all of their fundraisers for this year. Not only have I made a difference to the people who have been survivors, and non-survivors, they’ve touched my life as well. For example, as I participate in these different experiences and talk to these survivors, it makes me aware of what they’ve been through. Also it gives me an opportunity to tell them what a great inspiration they are — not only to me, but to other people here in our community and even in this country. Heart disease has spread all throughout our 50 states. I feel like they are giving back by discussing their experiences. And what does that do for them? That brings them to realizing: “Wow, I am touching other people.” And it makes them feel more like they are making a difference.
    Q How’ve you been prepping for the Mrs. America pageant?
    A One has been by making these appearances, because if you do become Mrs. America you’re going to be attending several events. So over the past 14 months, I’ve made that a priority in making community involvement my number-one priority. Over the last 14 months, I’ve attended 77 events.
    Page 2 of 2 - Q You’ve also set a goal for the number of volunteer hours you’d like to achieve?
    A My goal is to reach 1,000 before year-end. I give up my crown in November. But by year-end, I have a goal to reach 1,000 volunteer hours.
    Q How many hours do your currently have?
    A I’m currently at 502 volunteer hours within the last 14 months.
    Q Why do you think you should win the Mrs. America contest?
    A I have placed my heart and my soul in the community for the last 14 months and I have a huge desire to broaden that scope to the rest of our 49 states.

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