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  • The importance of making time for a regular exercise routine

  • The one thing that always seems to get lost in our chase after time is ‘Time to look after ourselves’.  And I don’t mean spas and vacations, although they are important.  I mean keeping ourselves in check daily.

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  • The importance of time: scheduling daily exercise essential to good health
    Why does it always seem like we’re chasing after time? Time to get that project done; time to pick up the kids; time to fix the car; time to fix the house; time to do everything on our To Do list. The one thing that always seems to get lost in our chase after time is ‘Time to look after ourselves’. And I don’t mean spas and vacations, although they are important. I mean keeping ourselves in check daily.
    Scheduling 20 to 30 minutes daily to walk, jog, run, do aerobics, or pushups, or any number of exercises to raise our heart rate is essential. The truth is the longer we take to add simple exercise to our daily lives, the more probable it will be that we will become susceptible to the effects of poor health. Simply put, we will become ill more often. And our being sick will directly effect our time to do everything we need to do. It’s a simple cause and effect equation.
    To put this in a relatable example, I know of someone who chased after time for years with his business, his family, his clients, and virtually everyone but himself. It eventually caught up to him. He gained over 50 pounds, became diabetic, and was prescribed multiple medications usually prescribed to someone twice his age that’s in poor health. His doctor told him to exercise or else; the writing was on the wall and it was not good. He needed to make a choice. I’m happy to say that he made the right one. He incorporated exercise in to his daily routine, turned his health around, and went off many of the medications he was taking in a short amount of time.
    Time is a part of life that we either embrace or chase. If we embrace it, we can use it wisely. Understand that we cannot make any to do list without including ourselves on that list. Adding a bike ride or a walk to our day and scheduling it like any appointment or responsibility will make all the difference in the world. Exercise will make you feel better. It’s a known fact. It will also strengthen you and reverse the aging process. Our bodies and cells get weaker when we do nothing to keep them strong and healthy.
    Think of someone you know who seldom gets sick and almost always looks great. Is he or she doing something extraordinary? Probably not. I have an aunt that fits that description. As long as I’ve known her she’s taken time out every day to do a long walk and light exercise. She also grows her own fruits and vegetables, cooks her own food, and eats healthy. If you ask her why she follows this regimen, she will simply say this is how she was raised in Jamaica. It’s what she knows. Now she’s my example. I’m pretty sure all of you have a similar example in your own families.
    Page 2 of 2 - Do not let time become some sort of enemy. When we chase after time, it no longer becomes something we embrace, but instead becomes something we fear. Life is too precious and fear of time is simply not an option. Organize your time so that it fits your life and includes you. If this is something you have trouble with, let someone help you with it. I help clients arrange their schedules and their time every day. It’s a necessity that we all have to do. Our lives take on a whole new meaning when we take control of it, instead of letting it take control of us.
    Michael Shaw is a certified fitness trainer, sports performance nutrition specialist, owner of Shaw Fitness, a member of the Maryland Advisory Council on Physical Fitness, a BLS CPR instructor, and a fitness model. He can be reached at 442-2550 and michaelroyshaw82@gmail.com.
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