Attendence at the 19th annual Middletown Old-TymePeach Festival passed 30,000 Saturday, a new record, said Brian Rickards of the Middletown Historical Society.

Attendance at the 19th annual Middletown Old-Tyme Peach Festival broke a record Saturday with more than 30,000 people attending.

“We’ve always had about 27,000 people come out,” said Brian Rickards of the Middletown Historical Society. “I think what broke it was the nice weather we had.”

The sun was out Saturday for the parade and festival, but weather for early morning set up wasn’t as nice.

Rain poured, washing away the chalk lines the Middletown Historical Society had drawn for vendors to set up around.

“It came from chaos, because all of the marking we had on the street were washed away,” said Terry Markisohn, president of the Historical Society.

But everyone worked together, cooperated and got the job done, she said.

“I was so pleased everyone was in a positive mood, considering everything was running late because of the weather.”

And everyone Markisohn talked to Saturday at the Festival was happy, she said. Everyone had a good time.

Children ran around with their faces painted, chomping down on the fuzzy little fruits that the festival is named for.

She said that she met people from New Jersey and northern Wilmington who had heard about the Peach Festival and wanted to come to see what it was all about.

More than 300 vendors set up for the 19th annual event in Middletown, crowding the streets of the entire downtown area.

Rickards said that they went through 125 cases of peaches.

“It takes nine months to plan,” he said. “It was the best Peach Festival ever.”

The parade lasted longer than planned, too, Markisohn said.

There were more than 100 entries for the hour and a half long parade.

“I think it was the good entertainment,” Markisohn said. “There was a lot to do for the kids and families. I was delighted.”

Don’t fret if you missed it this year. Next year will be the Middletown Historical Society’s 20th annual Old-Tyme Peach Festival.