Honored that a Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer gave a generous review of their debut LP, the band As Alice Sleeps hopes to make lightning strike twice with its upcoming album.

Honored that a Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer gave a generous review of their debut LP, the band As Alice Sleeps hopes to make lightning strike twice with its upcoming album.

The metal/post hardcore band’s new album, which is currently untitled and in the songwriting phase, is slated to drop late this year, or in early 2013.

Going higher
As Alice Sleeps’ debut LP “Dreamer” earned the respect of veteran producer/engineer Marc Urselli — who won a Grammy in 2005 (Best Folk Album for Lila Downs’ “One Blood”) and two more in 2006 for two Les Paul & Friends songs (Best Pop Instrumental with “Caravan” and Best Rock Instrumental with “69 Freedom Special”).

However, band guitarist/co-founder Drew Price said the group, whose youngest member is only 15 and the eldest is 22, is far from resting on its laurels.

“We’re trying to show record labels and our fans we can grow as musicians and as people,” said Price, 18, of Smyrna. “We’re relatively young and want to show some maturing in the next album.”

Price added, “Our beliefs are going to be put into this album; it’s going to be more personal.”

The main thing fueling the band’s fire in the new album is the guys’ hope of inking a record deal, Price said. And another is the recognition the band received from Urselli regarding “Dreamer.”

“He really liked our album,” beamed Price, who received an unexpected email from Urselli earlier this year that he enjoyed the project and wanted to record the band at his studio in New York City.

And the seven-piece band would like to record with the producer/engineer, but Price said it may take a while since “he’s pretty pricey.”

Oh, the horror!
To know where the band’s new project is headed, you first need to know where “Dreamer” left off. 

“We basically took scary movies and personal experiences and combined them together,” Price explained of “Dreamer.” “Each song relates to a horror or thriller [film].”

For instance, “The Great Babooski,” a funny title loosely inspired by the band’s friend, Chris Baboo, draws from the “Saw” franchise.

Since the horror series was based on the antagonist Jigsaw placing his victims in gruesome traps with the intentions of teaching them to value their life, lyrics from “The Great Babooski” also echo the same sentiment that life should be cherished, Price said.

Now the “personal” experience the band injected into the song was Price’s familiarity with getting “bullied” as a kid.

“There’s people who do horrible things and there’s people who have horrible things done to them,” explained Price.

But no matter which description a person fits, the song encourages listeners to never “take anything for granted,” since there’s always someone facing a more severe problem than yours, Price added.   

‘Deadbeat Struggle’
In contrast to “Dreamer,” As Alice Sleeps’ forthcoming album will be “straight forward” and won’t be constructed around horror films, Price said. This time around, the group might even include a track or two revealing its views on the government, he added.

A confirmed song on the project is “Deadbeat Struggle,” which expresses the band’s frustration towards the music industry. 

The song personifies record labels (the kinds that love to snatch a band’s “originality away from them”) as a conniving woman, Price said. Meanwhile, a creative band like As Alice Sleeps is portrayed as a man in a sour relationship with the woman, who’s insistent on trying to change him.

Resisting the woman, the man decides to leave her.

But before he does so, he fires these words at her: “You’re just another deadbeat struggle,” Price said.

As Alice Sleeps is switching gears on the new project since it really wants to demonstrate how diverse the band is, as the guys believe they’re solid enough to land a record deal, but only with a label that will allow creative freedom, said Price, who didn’t mention any labels the band is interested in signing with at this point.