Dog Town Hot Dogs held a birthday bash Saturday to celebrate its one-year anniversary in Middletown.

The hot dog themed restaurant on the corner of Main and Broad Streets is one the first businesses in a while to withstand a year at the location.

In five years, the bricked store front that is now decorated with the Dog Town mascot, has been a check cashing business, a clothing store and a soul food café.

There were also periods of vacancy.

But on Sept. 15, co-owners Chris Gormley and Jeff Mollohan proved to be different than their predecessors and hosted a free party to thank their patrons for keeping them afloat since 2011.

In the parking lot outside of Dog Town, there was free face painting, entertainment and performances by local youths.

Inside, a line of people waited for hot dogs, French fries and some of the other treats on the restaurant’s menu. 

Gormley said that they wanted to hold the birthday party as a way to give back to the community.

They plan on continuing to serve the M.O.T. area by expanding their menu options and introducing a different “dog of the month.”