Full completion expected by early fall 2014

The communities of Lakewood and North Village I and II will be undergoing an extreme makeover beginning late this fall.

The rehabilitation project will include renovating the homes in all three developments, changing names around and adding a community center for residents and their children to use.

"We are reconstructing everything," said Lorraine Lake, the property manager of all three developments. "They will look completely different than what they do today."

The decision to carry out the nearly two-year long project came from the developments' new owner, Milford Housing.

Lake said that the completion date is sometime in February or March of 2014.

During the renovations, residents will be placed in either vacant properties or Lake said that they will find them comparable housing.

Once everything is completed though, residents will have to reapply and re-qualify to live in what will then be called North Lake Village I and North Lake Village II.

Lake said that the upgrades are very much needed.

"This will bring it up to the current century," she said. "A lot of rehabilitations are being done through out the state."

In the past five years since Lake became property manager for the three communities, she said that the area has had a positive turn around.

"It has improved due in part with Middletown Police," she said. "We work together to keep the crime down with the main goal being safety."

When Lake first arrived to her job, she said that there were a lot of criminals hanging out in the area.

"It wasn't so much the tenants," she said.

Over the years, there has been a tremendous change.

Lake said that they evicted residents who were harboring criminals and that the community worked with Middletown Police to make sure necessary arrests were made to get them off of the street.

The area of Lakewood will be rehabilitated first, followed by North Village I and then North Village II.

"They're also constructing a new office with a community center that will be next to North Lake Village II," Lake said. "We've very excited."

There are about 50 units in the communities right now. After the project, there will still be tax credits.

The current structures will either be demolished or will be stripped down to the frame and rebuilt.

"My main thing is that it's going to be a better opportunity for low income residents" Lake said. "It will bring about more safety for the children and more fun for them."

A new playground will be built for the communities, the community center will have a computer room and there will be full security on hand at all times.