Two Delaware singers' hot new music video has gone viral in less than a week.

The old adage that big things happen in small places rings true in two Delaware singers' hot viral music video.

Uploaded to YouTube on Oct. 5, singers Quintin Richardson, of Smyrna, and Jovon Newman's suave new love song, "Police," has already ballooned to more than 100,000 views.

The video, which features a guest appearance by rapper and producer Darien "Shorty Rock" Williams, of Dover, was filmed by Rob "C-Rock" Cintron, also of Dover. The video was shot at Delaware Technical & Community College Terry Campus.

Newman, 21, of Middletown, discussed what led to the speedy success of "Police," which is available for purchase on iTunes and

Q How did "Police" gain momentum so quickly?
A It was all about the social networking: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram really helped us out. Then with my big brother, Q (Quintin), he's a monster with the promotion and he has a natural knack for it. We were in a group back in the day and he always tried to take me under his wing and was like: "This is what you need to do: hit up all of these networking sites; talk to people; get out there; let them know who you are." Then after [the group] fell off, we got back together, and put it all together and the social networking and the events page on Facebook really helped. Letting people know who we are is what really got us that buzz really quick. And it's a really good song, too. We didn't expect for it to go that well.

Q Before the debut of "Police," how many views were you aiming for?
A We really were aiming for 100,000 views. We didn't think it would happen that fast, though. We said by the end of the month we should be in the hundreds. But we dropped it on Wednesday, Oct. 3 and we've already reached that goal and surpassed it. It's just crazy.

Q How many views are you hoping the video will cap out at?
A Wow, man … that's a good question [laughs]; maybe 500,000 [laughs]. I'm not sure. I can't even put a number on it because we thought [100,000 views] was going to be the max. And we were proven wrong, so it's kind of hard to say. If I were to put a bet on it, I'd definitely lose money.

Q How did the idea and collaboration for "Police" come about?
A I was in one of those days where I said, "I really feel like writing. I really feel like writing." It's funny, you're about to laugh, but I do most of my writing when I'm half asleep. I was listening to the instrumental, I was in my room and I was like half asleep: I had work the next morning, but I said I really liked that beat. So I'm listening to it and I found myself humming this melody. I recorded it on my phone. And of course when I woke up, I played it back and heard the melody. I was like I just need to put words behind it. I wrote the hook and it came from past experiences. I was in the midst of talking to someone, and it seemed every time I turned around I always wanted to talk to her. I always wanted to call her, and stuff like that. I was like yo, she's really stealing all of my attention right now. And I was like wow, somebody better call the police or something because this is crazy [laughs]. Then it spawned from that. I took it to Q and he liked it. One thing led to another.

Q Are you with the young lady who arrested your attention? Has she heard the song?
A We're actually not together [laughs]. I ended up talking to somebody else, and I am in a relationship. The person who the song was really about … we didn't make it. But she heard the song and she loves it.

Q What other projects are you working on?
A I'm actually in the process of working on my debut album "Undergrad" — slated for February 2013 — and I have a few different singles [I'm also working on]. I definitely plan on doing two or three more collabs with Quintin and maybe with Nino [NoSay] and Brown Sug. I definitely want to work with FlowCity again. There's also talks of me working with Primo Nellz, of Smyrna.

Q You're currently in school for criminal justice, so is music just a hobby for you?
A I would like to make it a career. It was originally a hobby, back in high school. I used to have a motto called "Do Without The Fame." The reason I called it that is because back then I saw that most people got into music for the wrong reasons: for the cars, flashy clothes, the fans and … at that time I just liked music. I didn't care what happens. I didn't care if I make it, if I don't, because at the end of the day I still have music. I'm older and I still have that same motto.

Name Jovon Newman
Age 21
Residence Middletown
Education Middletown High School; senior majoring in criminal justice at Delaware Technical & Community College Stanton Campus
Talent Singer