Very soon, Matthew Perryman Jones and his shiny bag of fresh tunes will venture to uncharted territory, to a quiet little land that a handful of folks call home. The rest of the country simply calls it Delaware.
'A hodgepodge of everything'
As part of his fall tour, the indie singer-songwriter will make his Delaware debut at World Café Live at the Queen on Nov. 2. Jones will share the bill with Vermont singer-songwriter Zack duPont.
Most recognized for his shimmering 2008 hit "Save You," which landed him several high-profile song placements in TV shows such as ABC's "Kyle XY" and FOX's "Bones," Jones said it's likely he'll cluster that tune, one of his all-time favorites, into his setlist for his show at The Queen. He added the concert will also be an acoustic show centered around a good chunk of songs from his newest album, "Land of the Living," which dropped in May.
"I'll kind of incorporate a bit of every record I've done [into the show]," said Jones, 38, a native of Levittown, Pa., who has called Nashville, Tenn., his home for the last decade.
"I usually do a song or two off each record when I go out like this. It'll be a hodgepodge of everything, pretty much."
Jones would love to paint The Queen with the entire pallet of hues displayed in "Land of the Living," but it's not possible, due to the "sheer economics" of how much it'd cost to bring a full band on tour with him, he said. "Especially with 'Land of the Living' because it has a full band with full guitars and all that kind of stuff, this sort of version of [the show] will be a little stripped down and a lot scrappier."
'Grieving, denial and anger'
Compared to Jones' 2011 album, "Until the Dawn Appears," "Land of the Living" is a heavier record that's coated in emotions of "grieving, denial and anger, and acceptance and resolve," he said. A strong portion of the album was inspired by the loss of Jones' father, Alan, who passed away in 2009.
The title of the album comes from a letter Vincent Van Gogh wrote to his brother, Theo, in which Vincent recalls a period of feeling isolated, but then explains he has arrived at "the land of the living," a place he hadn't journeyed to for quite some time.
The album "Land of the Living" includes a minimalist, acoustic track titled "O Theo," a sorrowful tune without a chorus. Despite the song's unconventional composition, Jones admitted it's ironic the majority of fans he has come across on tour seem to favor that song more than any other off the new record, which is something he really digs.
"That probably seems to be a standout track to a lot of people, which is interesting, but it's definitely not a radio song. It's pretty… I don't know. It's not what I would expect people to catch on to," said Jones, who added he has been spearheading his pop-rock song "I Won't Let You Down Again" as the album's current single.
As for his fans' reaction towards the new record as a whole, Jones feels the reception has been splendid.
"Fortunately, it's had some really great responses," he explained. "The fans have been really excited about it and really responsive to it, and that's been great. And it's sort of [been received] in the way that you would hope. They've been spreading the word to other people and it seems a lot of people have been picking it up. I've been really encouraged by the response."
WHAT Matthew Perryman Jones and Zack duPont in concert
WHEN 8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 2
WHERE World Café Live at the Queen, 500 N. Market, St., Wilmington
COST $15
INFO 994-1400 or