While every American can vote in the Presidential election, and all Delawareans in the state-wide elections, constituents in the Middletown, Odessa, and Townsend areas will be voting who will represent them in New Castle County government and down in Dover.

The general elections are just a few days away.

On Nov. 6, voters all across the country will flock to the polls to determine which candidates will represent them on the state, county, and national levels.

While every American can vote in the Presidential election, and all Delawareans in the state-wide elections, constituents in the Middletown, Odessa, and Townsend areas will be voting who will represent them in New Castle County government and down in Dover.

House of Representatives: 8th District

If you live west of Del. Route 1, north of Clayton and south of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, your candidates for this seat are probably Democratic incumbent Rep. Quinn Johnson and Republican Matt Brown.

Both men are from Middletown and tout strong education backgrounds.

Johnson was elected to office in 2008 and is finishing up his second term representing the Middletown area.

He and his wife have owned Tender, Loving, Care since 1994.

Brown, a Delaware native, moved to North Carolina following his service in the United States Marine Corps were he ran a preschool.

Along with education, Brown and Johnson are both passionate about job creation and small business – though they each have their own respective approaches.

Johnson said that they are working on legislation in Dover to improve capital investments in small businesses.

Brown proposes a policy that would create a tier system for businesses to give incentives based on the number of employees they hire.

House of Representatives: 9th District

Townsend resident Rebecca Walker is running unopposed.

Walker (D- Townsend) has been the 9th district representative for two years now.

Walker is a nurse attorney and a native Delawarean who said that she ran because she lived through significant changes in the communities and wanted to be able to affect real change.

The 9th district includes areas of Odessa, Port Penn, Middletown, Townsend, and Smyrna.

House of Representatives: 11th District

Following the 2010 census, the 11th House of Representatives district was created.

The district canvases parts of northern Kent County and southern New Castle County, including the communities of Blackbird, Townsend, Kenton, Hartly, and Marydel.

A three-way race is underway for the newly created seat between Republican Jeffrey Spiegelman, Democrat Lynne Newlin, and Libertarian Margaret McKeown.

State Senate: 10th District

Democratic Senator Bethany Hall-Long is also running unopposed to maintain her current seat.

The 10th Senate district covers areas of Newark, Bear, Glasgow and Middletown.

Hall-Long began her career in politics as the 8th district Representative in 2002 and moved onto the State Senate in 2008.

A native Delawarean, Hall-Long holds her PhD in Nursing Administration and Public Policy.

She said she initially ran in 2002 to make a difference in the lives of M.O.T. residents and all Delawareans.

State Senate: 14th District

Republican Scott Unruh is challenging Democratic incumbent Bruce Ennis to the 14th district Senate seat.

The 14th Senate district stretches from the Middletown and Odessa area to as far south as Clayton.

Ennis, a Smyrna resident, was elected to the State Senate in 2007 after serving 25 years in the House of Representatives.

A resident of Middletown, Unruh is a seventh generation family farmer and says that he is running because is concerned about the future of Delaware.

New Castle County Council: 12th District

There are two seats on county council that cover the southern portion of New Castle County.

The one held by Councilman Bill Bell (D- Middletown) is up for election in November, and Bell is unopposed.

The 12th Council District covers the Middletown area, from Collins Park to the Smyrna River, while the 6th District canvases the southern most portion of the county.

Bell has been representing the 12th district since 2004 and he currently serves as the co-chair for Council's Public Safety Committee.

New Castle County Council President

The November election will conclude a two-way race to take New Castle County Council's thirteenth seat.

Democrat Chris Bullock, a pastor from Wilmington, and Republican Mike Protack, an airline captain from Yorklyn, are both vying for the spot.

Current Council President Tom Kovach is giving up his seat after this term to run for Delaware's lone Congress seat in Washington D.C.

Bullock and Protack both believes they have what it takes to lead the other 12 members of council with no additional powers.

Bullock's philosophy is to bring everyone together and to be a leader.

Protack wants to create a more transparent government and says that County government has given itself a bad rap over the past few years.

New Castle County Executive

An intense Democratic primary has led to a two-way race for the County Executive seat between Tom Gordon and Mark Blake.

Gordon, a former County Executive, beat incumbent Paul G. Clark in the Sept. 11 primary election for his party's nomination.

Blake, a civic association leader from Hockessin, is representing the Republican party.

Gordon won the four-way primary election, beating Clark, Jonathan Husband, and Bill Shahan.