In the next few weeks, there will be a few changes at Smyrna High School, as Principal Anthony Soligo will be retiring. Stepping in his place will be current Associate Principal Stacy Cook. The final piece in the puzzle is current teacher Marcus Deisem, who has been chosen to be an associate principal at the high school. Deisem starts in his new position Monday, Nov. 5.

The Sun-Times asked Deisem a few questions about his soon-to-be new job as a Smyrna High associate principal:

Q Why did you apply to be associate principal at Smyrna High?

A One of my life mantras is to always help others. As a teacher I don't like when I hear someone say "I can't." After my Master's work, I felt the desire to work with a larger student population. I also am very excited to work with an outstanding administrative team.

Q Why did you originally want to work in education?

A For as long as I can recall being a teacher is all I have ever wanted to do. Originally, I thought I would be a music teacher. However, during my undergrad I met a professor who convinced me that Social Studies was something I should consider.

Q What do you enjoy about teaching?

A My experience at the secondary level has allowed me to watch young people grow into wonderful young adults. As an educator I have been lucky to see some of those people absolutely blossom after high school.

Q What do you like about working in Smyrna?

A Everything! We live in an absolute wonderful community. I grew up here. My child is growing up here, and I am proud to say I work here.

Q What goals do you have in your new position?

A I have an exciting new opportunity to learn a new skill set. I will be able to take some of the experiences from my classroom and transfer that into my new position.

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