St. Polycarp Roman Catholic Church in Smyrna collected donations Sunday and Monday to send as emergency relief to people living on Staten Island, which was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. St. Polycarp parishioner Ceil DiNozzi, a native of New York, spearheaded the drive to gather non-perishable food, juice boxes, diapers and baby wipes, baked goods, blankets and more.

The relief started after a group of woman known as the Steel Magnolias from Christ Church in Greenville made contact with a similar group in New York about the relief effort.

Donations were collected from St. Polycarp Church and then transported to Christ Church; Knights of Columbus assisted in transporting the donated items. A caravan of vehicles will leave Wilmington Wednesday to take the emergency relief to Staten Island.

St. Polycarp's Father Tom Flowers said there's been a big response from the community in terms of the amount of donations they have received: "We've already taken a truck of donations up."

Father Flowers said other churches were invited to tell the community about the emergency convoy, which has helped lead to the large amount of donations.

He said they haven't planned to have another drive but there's a good possibility something will be done again in the near future.

If you're interested in donating, contact Ceil DiNozzi at (302) 650-7707 or Fr. Flowers at 653-8279.