The Gibby's annual holiday gift shop is a great place to begin your Christmas shopping.

Tired of feeling ashamed for handing your family lackluster Christmas presents because you waited until the last possible day, the day when all the good stuff is off the shelves, which forced you to scrape the bottom of the barrel and give your loved ones gifts you can't even brag about?
If you answered yes, hope is not lost. The Gilbert W. Perry Jr. Center for the Arts is offering a chance at redemption with Small Works, Perfect Gifts — its annual holiday gift shop featuring photographs, jewelry, stained glass items, fabric arts and other splendid handmade crafts and items by local items that are affordably priced.
The opening reception will kickoff today, and the items will be on display through Dec. 24. She's a jewel
Whether you're in love with eccentric or chic jewelry, jeweler Pat Rosenberger, who works in bronze, silver and copper, is sure one of her many pieces — which includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pins — will tickle your fancy.

A former assemblage artist, it's no surprise one of Rosenberger's more unique pieces in Small Works, Perfect Gifts is a stylish pin shaped like a kitty's face, designed with found objects. The pin is titled "Go Fly". With most of Rosenberger's pieces bearing great symbolism and meaning, "Go Fly" is no exception.

For starters, the piece was constructed with a key (located on the bottom), a star (in the center) and wings (or cat ears, which are on top). The culmination of these objects is symbolic of when a person uses a key, they can unlock a world to new places and reach for the stars, in which wings will propel them to great heights, said Rosenberger, 57, of Middletown.
Meanwhile, an example of one of her classier pieces that'll appear in Small Works, Perfect Gifts will be a silver bracelet made with freshwater pearls titled "Washed Ashore".
'Hip-hop' jewelry
Though Rosenberger works in copper, silver and bronze, all of her jewelry doesn't reflect traditional colors of browns and grays since she also uses enamel powder to shower some of her works in a rainbow of colors, which includes her custom beret jewelry.
The enamel powder comes in various colors and works by Rosenberger heating her jewelry with a blowtorch, then she pours the powder on her piece and it bonds to it.
Rosenberger thinks the power of the powder is "hip."
"I feel like my enameling is a little like hip-hop," she said.
In fact, whether she's designing fancy or eccentric jewelry, Rosenberger says dabbling in the different styles makes her feel like a music artist. And she refuses to be pigeon holed into one genre.
"If you're a rap singer, all you do is rap," she explained. "I feel like I want to do all genres of music. I do jazz, I do rap — I want to do it all!"
WHAT Small Works, Perfect Gifts opening reception
WHEN 6-8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 9 (opening reception); gallery hours: 12-5 p.m. Thursdays and 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturdays
WHERE The Gibby, 51 W. Main St., Middletown
INFO or 449-5396