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Traveling Now That You are a "Little" Older
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Now that you are retired or maybe just semi-retired you probably have plans to travel.
But...have you tried to lift that old suitcase filled with your "needed" items?
You might say "well it was not a problem back in college when I hauled it all around." You were younger then! Being a "little" older we need to do things a little differently so we don't throw our backs out!
Travel Light
Pack for your trip...then take a few outfits out and put them back in the closet or dresser. Really think it over as to what you need. Traveling lighter makes things much easier and if you plan well you can do just fine with less clothes. Besides there are laundromats.
An orthopedic surgeon would attest to the fact that lifting those heavy suitcases could be hard on those "older" bones, joints and muscles. Lifting the wrong way could cause damage to the neck, shoulders and back. When purchasing luggage, shop for sturdy, light luggage and definitely some with wheels and a handle.
The Do's and Don't's of Lifting Bags
It is better to take a couple of lighter bags than one large, heavy one. Always bend at the knees to lift luggage and do not twist while lifting. Keep the object close to your body. Donít be afraid to ask for help. For a small tip, have the baggage handler at the terminal help get the bags off of the luggage carousel. Businessmen who are used to traveling tend to be very helpful to women and us mature travelers when it comes to lifting the bags into the overhead bins.
You men are out there saying you do not need help lifting and that may be true, but women, no matter how hard we try cannot lift as much as you. So it helps us.
When lifting above the head, first lift the bag onto the top of the seat then with hands on either side of the suitcase lift it up. Place the wheels into the overhead bin first then push it into the compartment.
Never carry a backpack on one shoulder, always distribute the weight by placing it on the back with arms in the two straps.
These are just some tips to keep in mind as you travel more. Watch for part II, we will get to the meat of car travel.

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