For the Big Ball Marathon's 2013 New Year resolution, fundraising efforts will be expanded.

As the MOT community continues to grow, so must our commitment to the MOT Big Ball Marathon. Here are our 2013 resolutions to you:

1. The needs of our neighbors are here 365 days a year. Big Ball will expand its fundraising efforts, beyond a once a year event, to meet these needs. Please come out and support our events. We'll bring the fun, and along with your support, we'll expand our Community Fund to meet the growing needs.

2. Our "Sweet 16"th annual MOT Big Ball Marathon will be held on August 30 and 31. We resolve that this will be our biggest ball of all!

3. Early team sign-ups are now available and encouraged. Go to and click "Register a Team" each individual player can then register and begin fundraising! You can also find our contact info on this site.

Our hope for 2013 is to strengthen the awareness of the Big Ball Marathon within the community by spreading our mission statement: The goal of the Big Ball Marathon is to raise money to assist individuals, families in need, charities and organizations in the Middletown / Odessa / Townsend (M.O.T.) area. The Big Ball Marathon Committee is committed to supporting and improving the lives of those in need in the M.O.T. community. Please email to arrange for a Big Ball Committee member to speak at your next civic meeting!

We resolve to pay it forward in life and ask that you do the same.

Best wishes for a healthy, safe and prosperous New Year from the M.O.T. Big Ball Marathon Committee.