RESOLUTION: To take more time to be inspired by art and nature.

A new year offers a fresh opportunity to strive anew toward our higher, better selves.

As we mourn the children, teachers, and others whose lives were lost in Newtown, Connecticut, I am reminded that the only moment guaranteed is the one I have right now. What will I do with it?

This year, I resolve to take more time to be inspired. By art, by nature, by those whose legacies reflect not only unique exceptionalism, but also commitment to the collective good. Examples abound in Delaware, especially in the Brandywine Valley, in the thousands of acres of open space preserved for, and dedicated to, public enjoyment, and in the museums, gardens, arts centers, libraries, and more.

The holiday season provides a timeout from our everyday routine to reflect on miracles large and small, from the commitment of our armed forces to keep us safe, to the beauty of a simple evergreen tree. No matter the scale, regardless of the origin, race, color, or creed, miracles are designed to inspire. We just have to take time to notice.

I also resolve to turn my anticipated inspirations into action. What good is a blaze of insight without follow up? This is where the heavy lifting comes in. I will have to contemplate more carefully and plan more determinedly.

This could be very time consuming. Wish me luck.