Two more natural ways to curb the Flu are Chicken Soup and Ginger Root, which help decrease inflammation and swelling.

#4 natural way to curb the Flu: Ye Olde Chicken Soup to help with Flu? According to a study by U of Nebraska, researchers found that it can indeed relieve symptoms of an upper resp. tract infection. Soup eased the inflammation of throat cells that can cause cold symptoms. Many veggies in soups, like onions, have anti-inflammatory properties. Add some ginseng, which has shown to cut severity of cold symptoms by 50%

#5 way to curb the Flu: Consume Ginger root! Yes, that funky looking root is chalk-full of antiviral compounds. Ginger has sesquiterpenes, that specifically fight rhinoviruses (responsible for colds in the nose). Boil white or green tea, and steep two tablespoons of fresh shredded ginger root. Add some honey. Ask us about our famous Oooss Juice recipe that our patients swear by!