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  • Delaware interest rates fall below national averages

  • According to www.gobankingrates.com/ study, Delaware interest rates fall well below national averages.
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  • according to www.gobankingrates.com/ study, delaware interest rates fall well below national averages.
    to help delaware residents obtain the best interest rates on cds and savings accounts, go banking rates continues it "best interest rates in every state" series by evaluating the average deposit rates offered by local delaware banks and credit unions.
    account type: national average rate; delaware average rate
    • 6-month cd: 0.31% apy; 0.25 percent apy
    • 1-year cd: 0.46% apy; 0.37 percent apy
    • 2-year cd: 0.69% apy; 0.54 percent apy
    • savings account: 0.21% apy; 0.27 percent apy
    delaware cd rates rank in the bottom ten spots for all certificate categories, while savings rates are far more competitive, ranking 9th in the country:
    • 6-month cd: 44th
    • 1-year cd: 46th
    • 2-year cd: 49th
    • savings account: 9th
    to view a full report, visit www.gobankingrates.com/banking/best-interest-rates/delaware-banks-credit-unions-cd-savings-rates-2-13/ .

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