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Health Tips to Avoid Getting Sick
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By Dr. Chad Laurence
March 6, 2013 5:08 p.m.

Being the middle of winter, many of you and your loved ones will experience bouts with allergies, common colds, sinus problems, the flu, and other ailments. What many of us may not realize, is that these bugs are not necessarily causing our bodies problems, but in fact, the weakness of the entire immune system. Many of you may rush to the local pharmacy to fill a quick prescription or perhaps purchase over the counter remedies. You may also come to the realization that these medications are not getting to the route of the problem, and are just merely covering up your symptoms. So what is one to do to naturally elevate the function of their immune system? Let’s first discuss what things to avoid, allowing our bodies to function better.
Do not drink Orange or Grapefruit Juice
These two juices are great sources of Vitamin C. Although Vitamin C helps enhance your immune system, these 2 citrus juices in particular turn the environment in the mouth and throat into an alkaline state when in contact. Bacteria and Viruses can then thrive in these conditions.
  • Stop eating big meals
  • Consuming too much food puts extra stress on the Digestive system. Increased digestion takes a lot of the body’s metabolic energy, leaving very little energy for the immune system.
  • Avoid Processed Foods and sugars
  • An increased intake in processed sugars allows bacteria to harbor growth. In fact, 8 tablespoons of sugar (the average amount found in a can of soda) can drop the immune system a whopping 400%! These sugars include, but are not limited to aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, and sucralose (Splenda).
    Look for the next blog for Part II, discussing things to take and contribute to a healthy immune system.

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