Mentalist Dan Cain has a new publicity stunt planned for this week. Proceeds will benefit the expansion of the local police department but don't try his trick on your own. It could get you arrested.

Corporate entertainer Dan Cain has two seemingly disparate interests that routinely converge in his life: civic service and the world of illusions and magic.

Cain, known as a "mentalist," regularly performs tricks that tax the brain. He accurately predicted the outcome of this year's Super Bowl XLVI and he's even predicted specific newspaper headlines.

This time, he's got something a little different up his sleeve. Thursday night at Smyrna Municipal Park, Cain is going to slip behind the wheel of a car wearing more than just a seat belt and sunglasses. He's also going to be wearing a blindfold.


1 Why is he doing it?

Cain said that every publicity stunt he's ever done has been for charity. This stunt follows that pattern.

His goal is to help the Smyrna Citizen's Committee raise money for the expansion of the Smyrna police station.

"I like being able to use my talents and gifts to help communities," said Cain. "This is no different. I'm really hoping that the event will help the Smyrna Citizen's Committee get closer to their goal."

2 Is he nervous?

He doesn't seem nervous. When he took time this week to discuss his stunt, he actually sounded excited and amped to do something different.

"I don't know that this has been done before around here," Cain said. "Although, a guy in the late 1800s did it with a horse and buggy. But, if you ask me, blindfolding the horse would have been more exciting."

But, just because he's not nervous doesn't mean that his loved ones feel the same way. His wife, Kailyn Cain is a bit worried.

"My wife is dead set against this stunt and she's not happy about it at all," Cain said.

3 Should the audience be nervous?

Cain said that if he's not nervous then the people that come out shouldn't be nervous either. And, while he's never done anything like this before, every precaution has been taken to ensure the safety of himself and the crowds

Another reason to not be nervous is the car. It's a pristine 1999 convertible corvette on loan from Troy Spencer & Sons in Dover. The dealership was happy to help out but they are expecting it back in the perfect sell-able condition that it is currently in. And, Cain expects to return it that way as well.

4 What else can people expect?

The drive itself will start around 5:30 p.m. but the event won't shut down until 8 p.m. What else is there to do? A lot. There will be cheer demonstrations and a drill team exhibition, a raffle and all the hot dogs, popcorn and Italian ice that people can stomach.


WHAT Blind Ambition Drive and Family Fun NightWHERE Smyrna Municipal Park, North Main StreetWHEN 5 to 8 p.m., Thursday, April 4COST Free admissionINFO