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DRIVING BLIND - provocative doc on literal and figurative vision at Wilm Film Fest
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- Playwright/actor in 1 man First Person Multi Media Living History show THE DuPONT STORY  A FAMILY A COMPANY

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By Greer Firestone
April 22, 2013 12:42 p.m.

DRIVING BLIND  - Wilmington Film Festival    April  27 @ 4pm

Two brothers - 1 vision - 0 sight


A documentary of hope and awareness...of meeting one's challenges squarely in the jaw...of leading life to the fullest.


With the prospect of losing their vision entirely, Tod and Justin Purvis determined there were many people/places/things in this country that they wanted to see.

The two had inherited Choroideremia,  a disorder that causes progressive loss of vision. The first symptom is night blindness as a child, when both were diagnosed. Next it attacks peripheral sight. As a cue from that, they began their sojourn around the periphery of America.

They circumnavigated the contiguous United States, seeing the great sights that make America beautiful and sharing their story along the way. They documented their entire 13,000-mile journey across the country on film in the hopes of raising awareness of Choroideremia and other degenerative eye diseases.

Yes, Tod and Justin were going progressively blind, but as Justin declares, "this disease is not central to who we are."

Justin works and teaches stand up improv in Washington D.C.; Tod is in the film industry in LA.

Throughout this sojourn they visited fascinating 'little' places in America, they spoke with fascinating people, some afflicted by the disease, others just those that make our country so diverse, rich and so very strong.

Like others who are challenged with issues beyond their control, the brothers learned a lot about themselves during the 32 days of travel.  This experience pushes them to achieve each day.

Of course, the ailment 'enjoys' no high profile, Justin calls it "orphaned".  But as a dedicated research doctor commented, " the science is there to beat this disease, the research dollars are not."  This film will raise awareness.


Driving Blind will be screened on April 27 at 4p.m.Afterparty/wine tasting will take place at Ryan’s Wines & Spirits immediately following the screening.  Ryan's Wines in located in Independence Mall. Filmmaker Justin  Purvis will be in attendance.  The soiree is sponsored by Alis and Chris Moen. Chris has Choroideremia.

For tickets to the movie and Wine event http://choroideremia.org/?page_id=2264

Full list of films for festival at Penn Center on the Riverfront  401 So. Madison St Wilmington  19801


For info on the disease   DrivingBlindfilm.com        DrivingBlind.net

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