Is it time for a new pair of running shoes? Here are some tips that are especially helpful for the first time runners out there...

Is it time for a new pair of running shoes? Here are some tips that are especially helpful for the first time runners out there:

1. Go to a running shoe store that specializes in running, triathlons, etc.  Many of the staff are runners themselves so they can fit you appropriately for the right pair of shoe!

2. Do not buy the shoe based on the appearance…the cutest looking shoe may not be the appropriate shoe for you and may cause problems in the future.

3. Take your old pair of shoes with you so the staff can look at your wear pattern.

4. Make sure to bring/wear appropriate clothing when shopping such as socks and workout clothing.  Many stores will have you run/walk in the shoe to watch for gait.

5. Timing to change shoes depends on various factors including shoe type, body type, frequency of running, distance of running, and running form.  A general guideline is every 300-500 miles, but people should figure out their personal needs based on logging mileage.

6. Take into consideration that your feet are the widest at the end of the day, which may affect shoe fit.

7. Make sure the shoe is comfortable in the store.

8. Give the staff information about you such as mileage, how often you run, where you run, if you are training for a race, and type of surfaces you run on.

9. Wearing your shoes while walking initially and gradually increasing your use of the shoes with running will help to avoid blisters and other running related injuries.

10. After about a week if you are getting sores, blisters, etc.  many stores have a return/exchange policy.