Making use of New Castle County landmarks, writing partners Jay Milmanow and Yelverton wrote and produced "Aweosome Movie," the first film in a trilogy that examines the decisions and relationships made during and after college.

Jay Milmanow and his writing partner Gerald Yelverton will premiere their first full-length feature film together in Middletown this weekend. "Awesome Movie" follows a group of friends as they try to come to terms with their decisions while they also come of age.

Many of the characters are recognizable: The alpha male with a fondness for dating conquests, the stoner, who gives comedic relief and offers up a well-timed and well-intentioned quip or two, the geeky guy who is secretly crushing on his polar opposite and the everyman – the nice guy who is best at getting in his own way but who ultimately will learn the most lessons.

The guys chose the Everett Theatre because, like a lot of the movie's locations, it feels iconic and important.

"The Everett Theatre just seemed like a perfect fit. It's a beautiful location in the heart of the community," said Milmanow. "We utilized a lot of local businesses like that in New Castle County that means something to people here. You'll see The Charcoal Pit, Rainbow Records and the University of Delaware campus."

Here's what to know before you go:

1. Everyman grows up

At times, the humor is a bit raunchy (hence the "R" rating) but Tim, the main character and the movie's version of "every man" is no Peter Pan. At the beginning of the movie, Tim's mistakes are clear and he seems like just another guy in his twenties unwilling (and not ready) to grow up. Of course, there's more to the story, though.

"The story follows a group of college friends over the course of one summer," said Yelverton. "Every character gets a story arc but ultimately, it's about Tim's journey to becoming a man and the kooky characters he meets along the way."

2 The cast is attending

Like any other movie premiere, the cast and many of the people who helped make the movie what it is, will be there.

"We're all so excited to watch the movie with the audience and to hear feedback from everybody," said Milmanow. "Our director, Olga Nechaeva, is from Russia and came over to the states to attend the New York Film Academy. We're excited for her to be there. But, the whole cast, the producers, the crew-everybody is going to be there."

3 This is only the middle

"Awesome Movie" is part of a three-part plan that includes a prequel and a sequel, all starring the same characters.

"We're shooting the prequel, 'K-Bob's Basement' this September and plan to have that installment ready by summer 2014," said Yelverton. "The final installment of the story will be called 'Quest Myrtle Beach.'"

Yelverton added that the movie will be "a cool look back for people in their late twenties with lots of nostalgic references indicative of that generation."

4 The man may grow up but the humor doesn't

Tim is trying to grow up but he's struggling. From the get go, there's a college romance gone awry and the bad decisions and bad advice that ensue.

"When people ask me to compare it to other movies, I always come back to 'Super Bad,'" said Milmanow. "It's funny and the antics are definitely relatable because it's based in reality. But, the humor can be a little raunchy."

The guys have kept that in mind, though, when marketing the movie.

"We don't want to anger parents in any way," said Milmanow. "So, we've marketed the movie to people who are at least 18 years old or older. That's who will relate to it, too."

5 Sneak peek