Brad Rozmarynoski is spending his last summer before college running his own property maintenance business during the day, while caring for an ailing relative at night.

Like many recent high school graduates, Brad Rozmarynoski is trying to save money for college by working through the summer.

But unlike many of his peers, this 18-year-old Appoquinimink High School graduate is running his own property maintenance business during the day, while caring for an ailing relative at night.

“It’s a lot of responsibility, for sure,” Rozmarynoski said. “But it feels good to be able to spend my summer helping all of my customers, while also doing something that helps my family, too.”

The son of Chesapeake Meadows residents Cindy and Joe Rozmarynoski, Brad is currently staying in the Springmill active adult community, where he is helping tend to his 85-year-old great uncle from June through July.

“His physical health is phenomenal but he suffers from Alzheimer’s and dementia, so while he knows who I am, his memory is just about gone,” said Rozmarynoski, who plans to major in nursing at Delaware Technical Community College this fall. “Usually my grandmother takes care of him, but she takes a vacation in the summer, so that’s when I come and stay with him.”

Rozmarynoski said he volunteered for the role of caretaker two summers ago as a way to help his family save on the cost of hiring a 24-hour nurse.

“He’s my dad’s uncle and they used to do everything together, so I’m just glad I can help out,” he said. “So now we just have an in-home nurse take care of him during the day while I’m out working.”

Rozmarynoski’s 4 Seasons Property Maintenance business also has focused on the 360-home Springmill community since its launch in May.

Five days a week, the teen can be found in the neighborhood doing power washing, lawn care, painting, tree and junk removal work for his great uncle’s neighbors.

“Anything you can think of, we have the tools for it, which is nice because it took me a long time to be able to save up the money for them,” the former high school wrestler said. “Technically, I started the business just a couple months ago, but it’s something I’ve been building up to since I was about 14.”

Rozmarynoski said the business’ roots reach back to 2009 when he started hiring himself and his four-wheeler out to neighbors in need of snow plowing. From there, he expanded to tree removal with the purchase of a dump trailer and a couple of chainsaws.

“I made the business plan for 4 Seasons my senior project last year,” he said. “And while I hated doing the project, it did really help me get more organized and got me to focus on the planning part and not just the money.”

Sonya Comstock, an eight-year resident of Springmill and the editor of its monthly community newsletter, said Rozmarynoski has made quite an impression on her and her neighbors.

“I’ve been a substitute teacher and seen some kids that you wonder if they’ll be able to make it in the real world, but here’s a young man who’s taking care of everything and everyone,” she said.  “In this day and age, when young people seem to be going in the wrong direction, Brad is on the right track. We need more Brads in the world.”

Rozmarynoski said he plans to continue his business while in college, and hopes to expand into other Middletown neighborhoods.

“I’ve scheduled all my classes as early as I could, so I would have time to continue working in the afternoons,” he said. “The business is definitely something I want to do as long as I can.”