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Preparing for pre-participation screens
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By Doug Adams, ATI Physical Therapy
Aug. 14, 2013 12:01 a.m.

What is a pre-participation screen?
Pre-participation screens are intended for athletes who have passed their medical physical exam. It is a comprehensive evidence based tool intended to identify injuries, illnesses, or other factors that may place athletes and those around them at risk of injury or that will limit their athletic performance. They are not intended to disqualify athletes from participating in sports.
Why are they important?
With a growing number of participants in recreational sports and the popularity of year round sport participation there is an increasing number of athletic injuries. Pre-participation screens help to identify those athletes that are at increased risk for injury during sport participation. This can help an athlete to seek treatment for any potential trouble areas to hopefully prevent injury from occurring. Prevention of injuries can lead to improved health/fitness, decreased medical costs, and overall improved wellness.
How to prepare for the screen?
The athlete should come to the facility wearing appropriate work out clothes (i.e. gym shoes, gym shorts, and t-shirt) that will not restrict movement. There is no warm-up or special preparation needed prior to the screening. If an athlete feels that they have any injuries or potential injuries, this is a good opportunity to discuss their concerns with a healthcare professional.
What to expect at a screen?
A clinician will assess global and specific portions of the body in relation to the athlete’s sport. For example, a baseball player will have more focus on shoulder motion than a soccer player. Participants can expect to go through a series of movements and tests which may be challenging to some individuals. Results of the screen will be shared with the athlete and the athlete will be instructed in corrective exercises aimed at decreasing injury and improving performance.
What does a screen tell us?
A screen will help to identify potential injury patterns in athletes. The athlete may be categorized by the screening based on their risk for potential injury. If it is determined that and athlete may be at an increased of injury the healthcare professional will discuss a plan to address the injury. Unlike a NFL combine testing session, there is no ranking associated with a pre-participation screen that will predict who the best athletes are.
How do I set up a Screen for my team?
If you, as an athlete or coach, are interested in setting up a screen through ATI Physical Therapy you can speak with a Physical Therapist or Athletic Trainer to find a date and time. The screens are a FREE service that ATI provides and can help you to achieve a healthy and successful season.

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