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Not Quite Yet Under the Lights (Notre Dame pregame Photos)
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Racquelle Nash writes about fashion for the Norwich (Conn.) Bulletin and other publications as a freelancer. She follows trends, celebs and styles at stores you can afford to shop at. Contact her at rnn1545@yahoo.com.
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A smattering from pregame. More later.

1 Harmon Hoke DawberMark Harmon and wife Pam Dawber chat it up with Laura Hoke

1 Mr HandDa’Man. That’s Da’Shawn Hand. His world.

1 Mark Address Mark got a tad choked up addressing the crowd

IMG_2577Devin Gardner wearing this tonight. Uniform Timeline updated.

1 Pam Dawber Michigan ‘M’indy

IMG_7280 Blimp reads ‘Tom Harmon’s a PIMP’

Photo Sep 07, 7 47 22 PM Jets over Saline, a few minutes before they headed into Ann Arbor

Photo Sep 07, 8 24 40 PM (1) Guys named Steve everywhere love it

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