Hoping to capitalize on the large local talent pool, the Smyrna Opera House will host its first open mic night this week. Participants can use their time in the spotlight to sing, dance, juggle or test out new material in front of an audience.

The Smyrna Opera House will host its first evening of the new "Open Mic Night Series," an evening dedicated solely to local amateur talent, at 7 p.m., Thursday night.

SOH Executive Director David Keller expressed his excitement about the series when the 2013-14 season was announced at the end of summer.

"Our events that feature the talent of local residents are always popular, even more so than some of the big traveling shows that are brought in," Keller said at the time.

Keller added that another goal of the series was to mine for more local talent that might be able to serve as opening acts for shows while giving community members a space for interactive collaboration.

That collaboration stems from the official mission of the series, which is to serve up a mixture of performance genres in an environment that invites creativity and promotes new ideas. The series will also serve as a home for testing out new material and working out the kinks of an idea in front of an audience.

Almost any kind of talent will be allowed: deliver a monologue, recite a poem, sing a song or perform a dance. Prospective performers are also encouraged to consider shaking things up with stand-up comedy, magic, or something that's never been done before.

There is a $10 registration fee per artist and space is limited. However, shy types who are not quite ready for the spotlight can join the audience for $5. All seats will be general admission and no discounts will be available for this series.

"It should be a fun time for all involved," Keller said. "Please come out and support this new venture."

The series will always be at 7 p.m. on Thursdays. Future dates include November 21, January 16 and March 20.

For more information about tickets or participation, call SOH at (302) 653-4236. Information is also available at www.smyrnaoperahouse.org.