In front of family, friends, coaches and teammates, Middletown senior Darius Wade signed his letter of intent to attend Boston College this fall where he will play quarterback.

Middletown senior quarterback Darius Wade has signed his letter of intent to attend Boston College on a full athletic scholarship. Wade, who received numerous offers from other Division One football programs, said he chose Boston College because of their academics and because he will be allowed to remain as a quarterback during his collegiate career.
Middletown coach Mark DelPercio said the scholarship is valued in the vicinity of about $300-thousand dollars.
He added that Wade is the first Delaware high school product to sign with a D-1 program as a quarterback in about forty years.
During his tenure as the starting quarterback, Wade has taken his team to three straight championship games.
The Cavaliers have won two consecutive championships, and Wade said he hopes to play well enough to get a third straight. "It will be very important to get that third, because this team has worked so hard, so that would be considered a failure for this team if we don't accomplish that. We strive every year to make that one of our goals, to win the state championship," he said.
Wade said it's hard to pinpoint one highlight of his career, because he's had a number of them at Middletown.
"It's been thrilling for four years to be here at Middletown. It's been fun. I've had a lot of great memories, met a lot of great people, and I've had a great coaching staff during my time here."
Wade added that he's had 45 starts with the Cavaliers, and "the first couple of training camps were rigorous, and I willed myself through, meeting a lot of these new guys, a lot of life-long friends are all very good, but you can never over match winning that first state championship. It was such a magical moment, overcoming diversity and coming back to get the win!"