Dr. Lani Nelson-Zlupko will be at St. Anne's Episcopal School next week with strategies for childcare gleaned from years of professional and personal experience.

Dr. Lani Nelson-Zlupko will be at St. Anne's Episcopal School next week discussing how to "raise resilient kids."

Nelson-Zlupko was just at St. Anne's in August for faculty in-service training but Director of Alumni and Public Relations Jenny Randolph said that she was so engaging, with areas of expertise in parent-suggested topics that they've asked her back.

"The professional knowledge she shared mixed with examples from her own life inspired me as a mom to want to learn more about her tips and strategies to improve my parenting skills," said Pre-K Teacher Kirsten Grobelny.

For her part, Dr. Nelson-Zlupko does try to weave her professional knowledge with her own child-rearing experiences into a framework that helps parents and caregivers support the healthy growth of children.

"Parents are often clear about what isn't working, whether it's arguments over chores, homework or attitude," Dr. Nelson-Zlupko said. "This talk focuses on what does work—how to redirect attitude for cooperation, how to bring out the best in your children."

She added that her goal is for each person to leave the talk with three or four real-time strategies they can put into place right away.

Dr. Nelson-Zlupko's discussion will take place at 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 19 at St. Anne's Episcopal School, 211 Silver Lake Road in Middletown. The event is free, open to the public and available thanks to the St. Anne's Parent Association and The Home Depot.

For more information or to reserve a spot, call (302) 378-3179, extension 334 or email saessapa@gmail.com.