Rob Harvilla, Jr., wasn't expecting anything in return when he dropped off two turkeys for the CMJ Motors first "Turkey Drop," which was held Sunday. However, he now finds himself the owner of a new ride, just in time for a possible new job.

Thinking of his grandmother, Rob Harvilla Jr., dropped off two large turkeys last week to CMJ Motors for the company's first-ever "Turkey Drop," a contest that asked for turkey donations in return for chances to win a car. But, Harvilla wasn't expecting to win. He wasn't expecting anything other than the feeling that comes from doing something good.

"It's just something she would have done herself but she died about this time last year," Harvilla said.

Since finding out he won, he can't help but think she's looking out for him.

"It's been the worst year with luck since she died," he said. "But, in less than two days, I've won this car and I just got called back for a great job at the new movie theater that I'm excited about. I feel like she's looking out for me."

CMJ Motors owner Christine Jenkins said that Harvilla was actually the first person to donate a turkey when he stopped by last Thursday with two turkeys, each weighing in at more than 10 pounds each.

"It's unbelievable, really," Jenkins said as Harvilla signed the last of the paperwork to take ownership of the car. "Because he was the first person to drop off a turkey, his tickets were all the way at the bottom of the container we used for the drawing. We mixed them up, of course, but it's still just unbelievable."

"I've been driving my grandmother's car," Harvilla explained when asked if he needed to win the car. "It's an old red Sundance. I appreciated being able to use it but I definitely needed the upgrade."