More than 100 Special Olympics athletes and their Unified Peers got a chance to show off their hardwood skills Nov. 18 during a basketball competition at Middletown High School.

More than 100 Special Olympics athletes and their Unified Peers got a chance to show off their hardwood skills Nov. 18 during a basketball competition at Middletown High School.

The event was one of nine Special Olympics Delaware Basketball Skills Competitions being held throughout the state this month.

"It's an exciting time of year for anyone playing basketball as seasons get underway and for our athletes, it's no different," said Jon Buzby, a spokesman for Special Olympics Delaware. "These events are their state championship. It's their opportunity to show off their basketball talents through skills events they've been practicing for the past 10 weeks."

About 80 members of Middletown High's Project UNIFY club also volunteered to help organized the event. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Project UNIFY's goal is to develop school communities where young people are agents of change by fostering respect, dignity and advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities.

The following is a list of students who participated, their team name and how they placed during the event (UP = Unified Partner):

Young Athletes Modified Skills- 6ft.

Division 101: Participant

Kymir Manning- Old State Elementary

Unified Partner Young Athletes Modified Skills-6ft.

Division 201: Participants

Bunker Hill 1: Samantha Meyers, Moira Nanga (UP)

Olive Loss 1: Nicole Franek, Stephanie Pongnon (UP)

Division 202: Participants

Olive Loss 2: Aaron Brown, Julian Anders (UP)

Olive Loss 3: Jacob Collins, Tommy Santini (UP)

Old State 1: Karley Clark, Alexandria Trotman (UP)

Division 203: Participants

Old State 2: Brandon Pietlock, Dominic Arato (UP)

Old State 3: Steven Kamara, Payton Eierman (UP)

Old State 4: Kyleigh Webb, Emma Connor (UP)

Division 204: Participants

Silver Lake 1: Mackenzie Williams, Ava Culling (UP)

Spring Meadow 1: Eric Lodge, Dakota Lolley (UP)

Division 205: Participants

Spring Meadow 2: Trevor Jaques, Ryan Lovett (UP)

Spring Meadow 3: Madison Holmes, Lily Huffman (UP)

S.O.D.E Basketball Skills 11/15-8ft

Division 901

1st: Maria Bulger, Middletown HS

Unified Partner Modified Skill 6ft

Division 501

1st: Jordan McCutcheon, Brinley Kemp (UP)- Silver Lake 2

2nd: Morgan Walther, Mia Pennington (UP)- Old State 2

3rd: Amanda Gilligan, Emma Plunto (UP)- Silver Lake 1

Division 502

1st: Khaleb Bayyan, Lathadeous Doreth (UP)-Waters MS 11

2nd: Ameia Anderson, Briana Dailey (UP)-Old State 4

3rd: Sydney Copher, Daniel Migliocco (UP)- Cedar Lane 1

Division 503

1st: Idryis Johnson, Micah Stamper (UP)- Old State 1

Unified Partner Modified Skill 8ft

Division 401

1st: Ryan Beckman, Madelyn Nau, (UP)- Waters MS 12

2nd: Evan White, Matthew Seren (UP)- Old State 1

Division 402

1st: Alexander Stevens, Andrew Pao (UP)- Waters MS 5

2nd: Justin Donnell, Markell Singleton (UP)- Waters MS 2

S.O.D.E Basketball Skills

Modified Skills 10ft

Division 1001

1st: Michael Tolliver, Middletown HS

2nd: Roger "Kevin" Johnson, Appoquinimink HS

Unified Partner Modified Skill 10ft

Division 301

1st: Alyssa Unruh, Emma Gruskieqicz (UP)- Waters MS 7

S.O.D.E Basketball Skills

Modified Skills 8ft

Division 1100

1st: Dante Eaker, Silver Lake Elementary

Unified Partner Modified Skill 6ft

Division 701

1st: Nathan Bucci, Amir Cunningham (UP)- Cedar Lane 1

2nd: Brianna Hamilton, Zykeia Meadows (UP)- Silver Lake 1

3rd: Gavin Sharp, Tanner Bretlinger (UP)- Cedar Lane 2

Unified Partner Modified Skill 8ft

Division 601

1st: Jacob Balan, Drew Fry (UP)- Water MS 13

2nd: Davia Chavis, Gianna Cinque (UP)- Brick Mill 1

Division 602

1st: Elena Sky Bowers, Haley Miller (UP)- Waters MS 15

2nd: William Wrinn, Milo Molina (UP)- Cedar Lane 3

3rd: Emma Hines, Victoria Zusin (UP)- Waters MS 14

Division 603

1st: Matthea Woodard, Gabriel Hobbs (UP)- Cedar Lane 2

2nd: Anika Reddy, Victoria Carpe (UP)- Olive Loss 1

3rd: Grace Wisnewski, Ava Morrell (UP)- Cedar Lane 4

Division 604

1st: Justin Thomas, Aidan Breakie (UP)- Bunker Hill 1

2nd: Hayden Wyttenbach, Dante Brinkley (UP)- Cedar Lane 5

3rd: Logan Miller, Hailey Beres (UP)- Cedar Lane 1

Unified Partner Modified Skill 10ft

Division 801

1st: AJ Winnington, Kiernan King (UP)- Bunker Hill 1

Division 802

1st: Drew Grunow, Cameron Emmett (UP)- Waters MS 8

2nd: Michaela Watson. Allison Velardi (UP)- Waters MS 6

Division 803

1st: Derae Moore, Olivia Gruskiewicz (UP)- Waters MS 10

S.O.D.E Basketball Skills 11/18

Modified Skills 10ft

Division 2001

1st: Kyle Morris, Middletown HS

2nd: Dalton Johnson, Middletown HS

Division 2002

1st: Ian Snitch, Middletown HS

1st: Davonte Bessix, Middletown HS

2nd: Erick Crumpton, Appoquinimink HS

Division 2003

1st: Nadya Mae Moore, Middletown HS

2nd: Everett M. Council III, Appoquinimink HS

3rd: Mark Troisio, Middletown HS

Division 2004

1st: Naseem Stanford, Middletown HS

2nd: Daniel Burton, Appoquinimink HS

3rd: Julia Hensley, Appoquinimink HS

Division 2005

1st: Selby Cornwall, Appoquinimink HS

2nd: Jordan Taylor, Appoquinimink HS

2nd: Sarah Kenney, Middletown HS

Division 2006

1st: Alex Roberts, Middletown HS

2nd: Rebecca Butler, Middletown HS

3rd: Lauren Mischler, Appoquinimink HS

Division 2007

1st: Jessica Insley, Appoquinimink HS

2nd: Chibuike Ogubunka, Middletown HS

3rd: Mikayla Buterbaugh, Middletown HS

Division 2008

1st: Joshua Fortner, Middletown HS

2nd: Dechelle Dy-Reyes, Appoquinimink HS