With sizes "A" through "I," Buttercups specializes in custom-fit and hard-to-size foundation pieces. But, owner Cristy Beckman is also emphasizing beauty.

When her new lingerie boutique, Buttercups, officially opens Saturday, owner Cristy Beckman has just one hope. It’s not about sales, although, of course, the bottom line is always on her mind. Her hope is a little more personal than that.

“I just want to tell every woman that walks in the door how beautiful she is,” Beckman said earlier this week as she unpacked seemingly endless boxes of bras in every size imaginable. “I think a lot of women overlook the foundation pieces but it’s where they should start. You have to wear them all day, every day. They should be well-made and beautiful. But, they should make you feel beautiful, too.”

Getting that feeling isn’t easy for many women. Beckman said it can be easier for smaller sizes but larger sizes, like a D-cup or an F-cup, can rarely walk into a department store and find a bra that is built for the bigger job of bigger breasts. It’s even harder to walk out with one that is also attractive.

“It’s partly why I wanted to open the store,” she said. “I have been wearing beautiful bras that are beautifully constructed for 15 years but I’ve been traveling to Wilmington to find them. I know a lot of other women in Middletown and Smyrna have been doing the same thing. Now, they won’t have to.”

The cornerstone of feeling good about a bra purchase is the fit. According to Beckman, bra lines are much like other clothing lines, which means that sizing is not universal. It might take several tries to find the right one. Beckman and her staff are ready to make that part easier, too. Beckman stresses that up-to-date measurements are essential.

“It’s true what they say. Most women are not wearing the right size,” she said. “But, once I fit you, you will be surprised. Most women go down in band size and up in cup size. The fit really does make all the difference. You will look and feel thinner. I’ve got a new one on today that fits perfectly and I can’t help it. I’m standing straighter and I feel so good about how I look today.”

Aside from well-constructed bras, Buttercups will also carry panties, bridal wear, lounge wear, body shapers, cup-sized swimwear and a small “after-midnight” collection. There are also sports bras, maternity and nursing bras and mastectomy bras. Beckman said her mastectomy fitter has been working with breast-cancer survivors and patients for 14 years through the Helen Graham Cancer Center at Christiana Hospital.

The boutique, with its cheerful yellow walls, will also welcome tomorrow’s generation of bra buyers: tweens. Beckman is excited to carry sports bras for young girls as well as wire-free everyday bras.

“This will not be the mall experience for your daughter,” she explained. “Our lines are age-appropriate and I want moms to feel comfortable bringing in their daughters. It doesn’t have to be embarrassing or uncomfortable and I promise to do everything I can to make that first bra purchase something they’ll both look back on and cherish.”

Buttercups, located in the Middletown Crossing Shopping Center on Del. Rt. 299, will welcome its first customers from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday. Hours are still being hammered out but, after the first week, the store will likely be closed on Sundays and open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., the rest of the week.