Middletown High School is hosting a special concert tonight that honors their own "Mom P." What's so special about the show tomorrow? It's actually a fundraiser for a scholarship fund that bears her name.

Tomorrow night, the curtain at Middletown High School will rise for a special concert that all traces back to Dr. Veronica Perrine—fondly known as “Mom P” to former and current students. Perrine, currently serving as an administrator, is credited with creating the school’s award-winning theater arts program while she was the school’s vocal music director.

What’s so special about the show tomorrow? It’s actually a fundraiser for a scholarship fund that bears her name and is awarded to a student or students who have shown a strong dedication to the musical theater program. Interested students are asked to write an essay about how the program has impacted their lives and is shaping their futures. Candidates are also evaluated on the participation and contributions to the program, either on stage or behind the scenes.

The scholarship began five years ago when alumni returned for the 20th anniversary show, preforming songs and musicals from their high school glory days and all under the direction and tutelage of “Mom P.”

“I’m doing this because I believe in the program that was built here by Dr. Perrine,” said current program co-director Tyler Tejada. “My own participation helped shape who I am and her dedication to her students is the reason I’m now the choral director. I want to continue giving back to the program that made me who I am today.”