First published in 1967, "The Outsiders" remains a relevant story today and reminds audiences that people are not always what they seem. Reedy Point Players closes out their season of classics with the mostly male cast and an examination of adolescent angst.

When Delaware City resident Erin Miller decided to direct the Reedy Point Players last play of the season, she knew she wanted to do something special. She also wanted to stay true to this year’s theater group theme, “celebrating the classics.”

“When I was in the eighth grade, I had a wonderful English teacher who required ‘The Outsiders,’” Miller explained, referencing her decision to cast S.E. Hinton’s famous novel about socio-economic status and adolescent angst. “The story just always stuck with me and when the opportunity presented itself, I was eager to bring my vision to the stage.”

Unlike the characters in the story, who must overcome more than a few obstacles, Miller said that her production presented very few, if any, challenges. There were no major roadblocks, she added, thanks in large part, to her talented cast.

Brandon Dawson, a sophomore at Middletown High School, was cast as Ponyboy Curtis. In the novel, Ponyboy is the narrator, a good student and an athlete.

“Although it’s set in an earlier time frame, I think the characters are still relatable,” Dawson said. These are very real world situations that can happen every day around the world.”

Dawson also explained that since the novel is considered to be a “classic” by many readers and critics, people should make an effort to see it at least once.

Miller couldn’t agree with Dawson more.

“The story teaches today’s young kids—in my opinon—to not always judge a book by its cover,” she said, explaining  her take on why the story is still relevant today. “Just because the greasers look the way they do, doesn’t mean they’re bad people and just because the socs look the way they do, doesn’t mean that they don’t have problems, too.”

Like every other RPP performance, there will be a fully-stocked concession stand as well as raffle opportunities.