Middletown residents Robert and Theresa Fox hit it big this week as contestants on the CBS game show “Let’s Make A Deal,” where they won both a new car and a trip to Florida.

Middletown residents Robert and Theresa Fox hit it big this week as contestants on the CBS game show “Let’s Make A Deal,” where they won both a new car and a trip to Florida.

“We’re very, very happy,” Robert “Mike” Fox said after the show aired at 10 a.m. on Tuesday. “You go to the show for nothing so if you win anything while you’re there, you’re happy. And if you’re not in absolute wonderment when you win a car, there’s something very wrong with you.”

Mike, a chief financial officer for a Maryland-based financial services company, and Theresa, who works in the Delaware City Post Office, actually taped the episode last November during a stopover in Los Angeles at the tail end of a “bucket list” trip to China.

But their prizes – a 2014 Nissan Versa and a five-day trip to a resort on Florida’s Gulf Coast – didn’t become final until the show was broadcast this week.

“That’s how life works in TV land,” Mike said. “Now they’ll get with us in a few days and get all the details worked out, because the government has got to have a cut too.”

Married for 27 years, the couple’s appearance on the game show had all the makings of a love story with a happy ending.

The Foxes were the eighth audience members called up to be contestants by host Wayne Brady, who chose them while searching out a couple.

Brady then put on a fake mustache before leading them through a game that spoofed the “Dr. Phil” show, which appears on the same network.

For the game, Mike and Theresa each were asked to write down their choice between two prizes, one of which they would receive if their answers matched.

“Just like in life, if you’re on the same page, you get to read the book,” Brady explained.

Given the choice between a designer accessory set and a desktop computer, they each chose the computer. They won again when each chose a motorized scooter over a pool table.

The couple then opted to keep the scooter and computer rather than risk it all on the contents of a mysterious envelope, which turned out contain an eight-day trip to Panama and $3,500 in spending money.

“We figured that was enough,” Mike said. “And we also thought the value of the two items was enough to get us to the Big Deal of the Day.”

The Foxes hunch turned out to be correct after the big winners of the day – a woman who won a Ford Focus and a man who won a trip to New York City – opted to stick with their initial prizes.

But to win the ultimate prize package worth $24,649, the Foxes first had to choose between Door 1, Door 2 and Door 3.

“We talked about it and there are two of us,” Mike told Brady. “We do everything together so let’s go with Door 2.”

Brady couldn’t help but chuckle at the couple’s decision-making process.

“You guys are really cool,” he said. “I like that.”

Door 1 turned out to be the trip to Florida, while Door 3 ended up being $2,339 in cash.

“That means you’ve won the Big Deal of the Day,” Brady said before opening the door to the Foxes’ new car. “Ladies and gentleman, nice things do happen to nice people.”

In a surprise twist, the host then announced the couple would receive all three prizes.

“You know, a new car is toward the top of the food chain for these shows and we needed another vehicle anyway, so we were very happy,” Mike said Tuesday. “The vacation is also something we’ll use because we’re pretty significant travelers, so all in all it was a great experience.”

As shocking as the Foxes’ success was, it might be just as surprising to know that the couple had not yet seen their performance as of Tuesday night.

“I was away for work when the show aired so we taped it and we’ll watch it together when I get home,” he explained. “We already experienced it from our perspective. Now we’ll just get to see ourselves the way everyone else sees us.”