Kevin and Joe Jonas will be at The Grand Opera House Sunday for a sold-out, intimate show that promises to reveal a few never-before-seen or heard secrets.

Last October, much to the disappointment of teens across the world, the Jonas Brothers announced they were breaking up. Sort of. They’re brothers so it’s not like they were going in such separate directions that reunions and collaborations were going to be completely off the table but, for the foreseeable future ,there would definitely be no more new  Jonas Brothers music.

Then, in April, fans got some good news. Two of the brothers—Kevin and Joe—announced a three-date theater tour called “Off the Record.”

Described as an intimate, interactive, live-talk event, the brothers would weave audience participation and untold stories into the encounters.

But, how “off the record” would the young stars really be willing to get? Last week, Joe Jonas called from Los Angeles to explain.

Q What was the inspiration for this “Off the Record” tour?

A There wasn’t a ton of inspiration involved, actually. Kevin got approached to do a couple of hosting gigs. One was even like a variety show and it seemed really interesting to him but he felt like it would be something that he would want to do with me. So, he talked to me about it and we liked the idea a lot. We thought that this could be something different, something fun while we’re all doing our own individual things right now. Then, we were thrilled when three cities kind-of threw offers our way almost immediately. We’ve been working on it quite a bit, trying to figure out how we want to approach something like this. It’s different than what we’re used to but it’s coming together well.

Q So, what can your fans expect from this “Off the Record” show?

A For some reason, a fan recently asked me in person if I was going to have to have a tissue box next to me. That’s not our intention. We’re really trying to make this light-hearted and fun. Obviously, we’ll be talking about stories throughout the years and we’ll be taking questions but it’s not necessarily a sit-down talk between me and my brother. It’s going to be very loose and it’s going to be a really fun, interactive live talk show. A variety show is really the closest thing we’ve come up with to explain what it could be.

Q It’s called “Off the Record.” But, I’m wondering how “off the record” you and your brother are going to be willing to get.

A For the people who maybe don’t know what the phrase means, that’s when you shut off your mics so you can be as honest as you can. That’s what we really want to do with the audience. We really want to make them feel like there’s nothing that they can throw at us that may be trying or unexpected. We’re going to go with the punches and the flow. We’ve got a moderator who’s a really good friend of mine who’s going to be doing the in-between stuff, asking questions from the crowd and helping with some of the activities we have planned. But, I think it’s going to be all out there. We’re really trying to be loose and make it something the audience hasn’t seen before.

Q So, you’re not nervous at all about the level of questioning you might get?

A You know, over the course of the past when we were doing the Jonas Brothers [Show], of course, the questions that people might ask would make you nervous. I think now that Kevin and I are in our adult years, we find it easier to open up and laugh about certain things we may have done or stories we have to tell. There’s always questions that are going to make you uncomfortable but I think we almost want to put ourselves in that position during the ‘Off the Record’ show. That way, even if you’re not a fan or not interested in the Jonas Brothers or what was the Jonas Brothers, if you come to this show, you’ll still find it intriguing. That’s kind-of our goal. That it’s something that even somebody just walking past the theater can come in and hopefully enjoy the show.

Q So, it’s not just for your established fans? There is some hope that you might new fans with this?

A You know, yes, I hope that we can build some respect with some new fans. We have more than 10 years to tell people about, including what we’re planning out right now in our lives. We kind-of want to be able to take you into what it was like for us and showcase what all the craziness was and some of the emotional moments, giving people something personable that hopefully they can find something in to relate to.

Q I feel like two of the questions that you’re going to hear will be what’s next for each of you separately and what might be next for you as band.

A What we’re up to separately is a longer answer. We all individually have a bunch going on. Nick, he can’t actually be a part of this because he just got through shooting a television show and he’s got other projects and music that he’s working on by himself. Kevin’s got a family now. He’s built his home with a contractor and it’s something he wants to work on more. So, he’s working on contracting, which is pretty neat. He’s also working on developing apps for iPhone  and stuff like that, which he can tell more about that. Myself, I’m working on a bunch of different things; some fashion projects, some art projects, some music. Music is always going to be in me so I’m working on some music But, also the acting world. I have a lot more time to focus on things that interest me that I haven’t been able to in the past.

As for the band, we made the announcement a few months ago that we’ve started to close the chapter on the band. That chapter is closed but we may revisit it one day. Who knows? You should never say never. But, I think for us, we’re focusing on doing individual stuff and seeing where that road takes each of us.