Firefly Music Festival Director Greg Bostrom and Gov. Jack Markell spoke to the media today about the Firefly impact and what fans can expect in coming years.

On the first full official day of music, Firefly Director Greg Bostrom is already looking at next year's festival.

"We want to let you in on a little secret," Bostrom said at today's on-site press conference. "We're going to be back next year. You can't get rid of us that easy."

The dates for Firefly 2015 will be Thursday, June 18 through Sunday, June 21. Pre-sale tickets will go on sale Wednesday for $199 for general admission packages.

"We're officially in the big leagues now," Bostrom said, likely referring to some of other large festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo. "Our theme for this year is bigger and better."

Bostrom then discussed the changes to this year's event. Much of The Woodlands was rearranged to accommodate more stages, more bands and more people. 

"We're excited to have what we think is one of the best main stage venues in the whole country," Bostrom said. "If you haven't seen it yet, I want to walk next to you when you do see it so I can see your jaw drop like mine did."

Crowd estimates for Thursday night's lineup indicate that close to 60,000 fans are already camping at The Woodlands. A total of 80,000 people are expected to attend the festival across its four-day span.

Gov. Jack Markell spoke about the economy boost that the festival brings, saying that Firefly pumped about $12 million into the local and stage economy.

"Of the 60,000 people that came last year, two thirds of them had never been to Delaware before," Markell said. "We expect the same this year."

He reiterated that Firefly is one of the biggest, most important music festivals in the country.

"It's absolutely in the top tier," Markell said. "But, it only stays that way if Delawareans continue to support it."

He also stated that he wasn't just at the festival to do the press conference.

"I'm looking forward to the festival and will be here the next three days," Markell said. "I'm hoping to learn more about music, which my son has been trying to help me with."