Starting next week, Main Street's cheese boutique, Fromage, will start cooking up light, low-cost lunches.

Starting next week, Middletown Main Street’s cheese boutique, Fromage, will start cooking up light, low-cost lunches.

“I thought this would be a cool option for summer,” said Fromage owner Christopher Pride. “With a side of fruit and cheese crisps, it’s a nice, light option.”

The menu will consist of four varieties of grilled cheese sandwiches as well as a fruit and cheese trays for people who prefer more snack-like lunches.

The constant will be the smoked Gouda and smoked Havarti grilled cheese, which Pride grills just enough to soften the cheese. It doesn’t drip or melt completely, making it a low-mess sandwich option for the work-day.

“I like this kind of grilled cheese like this,” he explained. “Sometimes, you want the cheese to be more gooey but for these two cheeses, I think it’s better this way.”

Another variety include a classic grilled cheese, a Swiss cheese variety and a cheddar variety.

“I know most people think of Swiss cheese as the one with the holes but Swiss cheese actually includes all cheeses from Switzerland,” Pride explained while grilling up one of his cheddar varieties earlier this week. “My Swiss grilled cheeses will have emmenthaler and gruyere cheeses. It’s going to be so good.”

The average cost for a Fromage grilled cheese lunch is $7.99 and includes cheese crisps, tomato and pesto.

For the cheese and fruit trays, Pride wanted to create a collection of fresh food that people can pick at while they’re working at their desks. Light and crisp with no carb-coma ingredients, the seven-inch by seven-inch plates will always have some kind of cheddar variety, a fruit (think apple slices or grapes) and some kind of cracker.

“I just thought people would enjoy having some easy options,” said Pride, who has been selling imported and domestic cheeses in Middletown for four years. “I did this a couple of years ago and saw some success with it but I’m hoping it really takes off this time.”

While people are ordering their lunches, they can also peruse the rest of Pride’s stock. In the summer, he sells approximately 60 cheeses. By fall, he’ll double that number. He also sells imported, handmade crackers, jams, jellies and mustards and local honey. Customers also have 30 balsamic vinegars and 15 olive oils to sample.

“I’ve got almost anything you might want if you you’re having cheese,” he said. “And, it’s not just food. I’ve got cheese trays and other ideas for hostess gifts.”