The Smyrna Opera House plans to turn out the lights and turn up the fun this weekend for teens.


This Saturday night, the stuffy, stodgy view that teens have of the Smyrna Opera House may change when Programs Director Amber Frushon hosts her first “Summer Solstice Blackout Party” for the local under 21 crowd.

Frushon herself is only 20 years old, giving her inside information for what teens and young college students find fun.

“My roommate and I had these parties all the time,” Frushon said. “They’re so much fun. The dark room makes everyone less embarrassed about dancing but the music and the neon makes it feel more like a club.”

The doors will open at 6:30 p.m. but the music won’t crank up until 7 p.m. At that point, the lights will also go out, save for the “black lights” that illuminate neon colors and bright whites. Deejay Styles will play Top 40 hits, taking requests and encouraging kids to participate. Frushon hopes to see 100 to 200 kids show up.

“The end of summer is a hard market,” she explained. “People are away on vacation and older kids are getting ready to head to college. But, there’s just not much to do in town for this age group that’s both safe and fun. We want to change that.”

If attendance is good, the event could become a more frequent occurrence. So far, Frushon said that the social media response on the SOH Facebook and Twitter pages as well as her own pages has been positive. She’s optimistic that the event will be a success, clearing the way for more teen-specific events in the future.


There will be no dress requirements. However, normal attire won’t allow participants to make the most of the event. Teens will want to consider accessories and outfits that maximize the black lights:

Neon nail polish Highlighters for body art Neon temporary tattoos Flashing/LED accessories like earrings and buttons Glow sticks UV-reactive face paint and hair color Bright white clothing. Be careful not to layer white undergarments under neon because the white will be seen.